Copywriters and Article Marketing: What Should You Write?

Written by Dina Giolitto

So you've decided to market your home-based copywriting business through article writing. Fantastic! Now comesrepparttar hard part: narrowing it down to a topic. Whatrepparttar 145902 heck are you going to say in your article?

A friend of mine recently suggested that I write more articles about copywriting. Not such a bad idea, being a copywriter and all. But here's a thought: if all you ever write about is writing, where isrepparttar 145903 proof that you can actually write? At some point, your prospects WILL ask for samples of work for their specific niches; that is, if you plan to serve clients, and I'm sure you do as that's what a "freelance copywriter" does for a living!

Torepparttar 145904 copywriter especially, article marketing is a beautiful thing. Why? It allows you to target any audience in any category that YOU choose.

Let's say someone out there inrepparttar 145905 great beyond is perusing a vegetable garden website... and this person also has some vague plans to create a gardening website of his own. YOU want to be a gardening writer. Now, if your gardening article is placedrepparttar 145906 aforementioned garden website, along with a bio that describes you as a gardening writer, guess what? Good old Broccoli Rob is probably checking out your work. If he likes what he sees, you've got yourself one paid garden writing project! Brilliant.

Another example. You're a pet person. You'd love to write web copy about dogs, cats, gerbils... any and all of God's creatures. But, uh-oh, you have no *official* experience! So what? Start writing, my friend. The assignment: one web article about How to Paper Train Your Puppy. In your bio, give a brief summary of your copywriting experience and throw in a line about how you're a pet writer. Pretty soon, what do you know...repparttar 145907 Westminster Dog Show people are knocking on your door asking for an E-book about dogs. Way to go, pet writer!

How to Increase Backlinks of your website? Bring Buyers traffic on your website!

Written by Yogesh Ahire

Search Engines Optimization: Your website must be good optimized by various SEO techniques. Before starting increasing Backlinks for your website you need to check following things must be done properly.

1. Your website must have properly designed, no broken links on your website, Internal Linking structure must be designed properly.

2.Title, description, keywords, anchor text must me properly placed.

Backlinks: Google Gives PageRank for every page of your website. (Download Google Toolbar to Check PageRank of your website). PageRank depends on Backlinks. If your WebPages having number of Backlinks from various websites then your WebPages can get good PageRank.

You need to improve PageRank of your every page because Google gives PageRank for every page so that your website can get good traffic from every page.

Increase Backlinks from following activities: 1. Register your website in various leading search engines.

2. Register your website in countrywide search engines

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