Coping with YOUR "UN-Subscribers"

Written by Laurie Rogers

Coping with YOUR "UN-Subscribers" by Laurie Rogers Copyright July 2002

As your list becomes larger, you will begin to notice a few things that CAN and WILL happen at one point or another. I do not care HOW nice you are or HOW professional you come across as being,repparttar fact is, there are a lot of very RUDE people out there -just as there is inrepparttar 124287 "real world." Take it from someone who knows from experience, I have seen MORE publishers get cursed at, falsely accused and abused - more than I can count.

The majority ofrepparttar 124288 "rudeness" seems to peak when they are trying to unsubscribe and although you can tell them 100 times in 100 different ways - they just do NOT care! For some reason they feel it is THEIR given right to treat you like GARBAGE and I am here to tell you, do NOT put up with it! If it gets really out of control, REPORT them to their ISP. Send a copy of their subscription request (full headers included) with your complaint, so you have coveredrepparttar 124289 possiblity ofrepparttar 124290 old, "it was spam" routine.

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In my experience as a publisher in over 3 years, I have had this happen to me on two separate occasions and both times I reportedrepparttar 124291 abusers to their ISP. I always suggest doing this, because there are some sick people out there, who INTENTIONALLY do this to publishers forrepparttar 124292 "FUN" of it. Remember NO person on this earth has repparttar 124293 right to abuse YOU verbally or otherwise, I do NOT care WHO they are or WHO they "think" that they are. Now that I've made my point, let's move on.

Ezine Subscribers Want More than a Free Ezine

Written by David McKenzie

An ezine is an essential part of an online business.

But it is not enough just to offer a free subscription to your high quality ezine.

You need to offer something more. You need to makerepparttar decision to subscribe to your ezine really easy. Basically, you have to give away something else for free when someone subscribes to your ezine. You need to offer a bonus.

The 2 best bonuses to give subscribers when joining up to your regular ezine are a free ebook or a free email course.

1. Free Ebook

Give your subscribers a free ebook. If it is only 10 pages long then call it a free ebooklet or free special report. If it is more than 10 pages then call it a free ebook.

Also, make it really easy to getrepparttar 124286 free ebook. When subscribers subscribe to your ezine make sure an autoresponder goes back to them immediately with instructions on where to obtainrepparttar 124287 free ebook.

It is oftenrepparttar 124288 case thatrepparttar 124289 free ebook enticed them into subscribing so make sure they can get their free ebook quickly and easily.

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