Cooperative Advertising

Written by Shannan Hearne-Fortner

Advertising is expensive. As a result, successful businesses are looking for more and more ways to save money on their marketing packages.

Co-operative advertising is taking on many shapes and faces. It can be online or offline. It can be in multi-piece packages or multi-message single page flyers or fillers.

The concept of co-operative advertising is not new. It is a great way to stretch your advertising dollar and to reach additional pockets of your target market.

When multiple people pool their advertising dollar they can reach more people. Its likerepparttar choice between sending 1000 color brochures or 10,000 black and white ones. Your message may be watered down a bit byrepparttar 100987 additional material but it also hasrepparttar 100988 potential to reach so many more people. The power of co-operative advertising isrepparttar 100989 opportunity to reach so many more people. Every advertiser participating broadcasts their message to their primary markets. And your advertising message gets to piggy back along forrepparttar 100990 ride.

Speaking of piggies, one ofrepparttar 100991 most interesting co-operative advertising efforts, The Mom Pack, was founded by piggy bank artist Lynn Korff of Lynn has spearheaded a group of work at home moms who share co-operative advertising distribution. At work at home mothers send their samples, business cards, flyers and fillers to one another. When each participant ships an order or attends a craft fair, festival, or event they hand out packets (MomPacks) of information from other members.

MomPack has evolved quite a bit from its beginnings. The site bosts a membership directory, text links, contest listings, and resources for moms who run home based businesses. has become a great way for women to network and co-operatively advertise to people who already shop from work at home moms.

Shopping With Women is also a great way for advertisers to co-operatively get your marketing message in front of targeted groups of people. When someone needs a booklet to distribute at their event, they request it from and then advertisers purchase spots inrepparttar 100992 upcoming booklet. These booklets are going to specific groups, organizations, and locations so that they offer advertisers inexpensive yet targeted advertising opportunities.

Shopping With Women is unique in that its advertising opportunities are ever changing. Bookmark their upcoming events page and check back often for ways that you can reach very targeted markets in a co-operative advertising venue.

Another brand new advertising co-operative, and really neat women's group is located online at These ladies are producing joint mailings and catalogs that you can participate in.

There are also many ways that you can develop your own co-operative advertising efforts.

Advertising In a Whole New Light

Written by Shannan Hearne-Fortner

Organizations for women everywhere now have a free resource for informational booklets to hand out to members and event attendees. These booklets can contain information about organizing, health, family, shopping, or child rearing. supplies these booklets free of charge. The printing expenses are covered by advertisers who are all family friendly and of interest to moms and women. The booklets are then shipped, free of charge, torepparttar women's organizations and events that have requested them in groups of 100 or more. offers booklets for any type of event. They make a wonderful freebie to hand out and they are a great way to advertise to a very targeted group for pennies per impression.

Unlike most online advertising opportunities, booklets are hard copy hand outs that event attendees take away with them. This isnít one shot advertising. This is advertising that keeps on working for you untilrepparttar 100986 recipient finally disposes of their booklet. And that could be days, weeks or even months after receiving it because booklets arenít just ad books. They also contain articles and information. Booklets are even passed on fromrepparttar 100987 original recipient to their friends and family.

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