Cool comic book-like effect in Photoshop

Written by Rick Blythe

comic book Photoshop effect Cool comic book-like effect in Photoshop
Here is a cool Photoshop effect I kind of stumbled upon while experimenting with someone else's effect. This could easily be made into a Photoshop action too.

Openrepparttar photo you want to use in Photoshop. Openrepparttar 149823 layer palette and make two copies ofrepparttar 149824 photo. Click onrepparttar 149825 top layer and changerepparttar 149826 blend mode to difference. Then click on Filters>Blur>Gaussian Blur at Radius 9.0 Then go to Layer>Merge Down.

Making Bracelets for fun and to sell

Written by Janice Wee

In my younger days, I made jewelry for fun, and withrepparttar encouragement of friends and family, I started selling them off too. Back then, I did not wear jewelry, never liked wearing them anyway, though I loved making them. I eventually wore jewelry to advertise my work.

It all started when my cousin showed merepparttar 149788 earrings she had made. I was fascinated and started experimenting with whatever I could find to make my own jewelry.

My mom is a whiz with all sorts of handicrafts. Macrame, dress making, crochet, rug making, you name it, she's probably made it. She has a nice collection of craft materials. Beads, buttons, fabrics, strings.. and she let me use her materials.

I started with bracelets. No clasps. Just plain stretchable bead bracelets that were simply wooden beads strung together on elastic.

Bracelet making is about putting together a pleasant combination of beads, both in size and color. Mix and matchrepparttar 149789 colors. Mixrepparttar 149790 big ones for focus withrepparttar 149791 small ones as fillers. You can thread them through a string first to see how it looks and measure it against your wrist forrepparttar 149792 fit. Once you are satisfied withrepparttar 149793 bracelet. Stringrepparttar 149794 elastic throughrepparttar 149795 beads and tie a dead knot and hiderepparttar 149796 loose ends of elastic underrepparttar 149797 beads.

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