Cool Coffee

Written by Shauna Hanus

Ever wonder how coffee came to be. The story as I have heard it goes; a shepard was out one day tending his flock whenrepparttar sheep began eating a new berry. The sheep quickly began to act strange and almost seemed hyperactive. The shepard being a bit weary himself thought he would tryrepparttar 139934 berry and see what happened. He a short time latter found himself to be alert and energetic. The word about this mysterious berry got out torepparttar 139935 local monks who after some careful study discovered coffee.

Have you ever wondered if keeping you awake isrepparttar 139936 only thing coffee can do? Asthma sufferers may find thatrepparttar 139937 theophylline in coffee may reduce their symptoms. Theophylline is know to be a bronchodilator. Coffee may also help reducerepparttar 139938 risk of colon cancer by keeping a body regular.

How to Use Herbs in Your Meals

Written by Martin Enevoldsen

Itís no wonder that herbs are so widely valued as culinary additions. Their pungent fragrances and often beautiful appearance adds both orally and visually to any meal.

Moreover,repparttar flavor of each herb is very unique, adding a particular character to each dish you cook up. Whether dried or fresh, herbs add a wonderful dimension to cooking.

Plainer dishes really benefit fromrepparttar 139914 depth of flavor that herbs add. Combining several herbs in one dish impart extra sophistication for discerning palettes.

How you use herbs in your food is limited only by your creativity and experimental nature inrepparttar 139915 kitchen. Moreover, if you grow your own herbs you will never have to run torepparttar 139916 market atrepparttar 139917 last minute because youíve forgotten to buy dill or oregano.

Youíll haverepparttar 139918 freshest ingredients right at your disposal whenever you need them. Growing your own herbs is cheaper than buying them, and they taste so much better when theyíre right offrepparttar 139919 plant.

Adding herbs to a dish while it is being cooked will result inrepparttar 139920 flavor becoming more deeply ingrained inrepparttar 139921 food. Itísrepparttar 139922 same principle as with herbal infusions: heat releasesrepparttar 139923 character ofrepparttar 139924 herb. If you want to really getrepparttar 139925 herbal aroma and taste into your meal, addrepparttar 139926 herb early on inrepparttar 139927 cooking process.

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