Cool Camouflage

Written by Gayle Olson

Camouflage comes fromrepparttar French word camouflager which means to "blind or veil". Some insects and animals use camouflage as an effective way to protect themselves from natural enemies. Birds, bats, moles, frogs and other animals consider some insects to be a very tasty treat. Insects protect themselves in many ways, one of these ways is by disguising themselves so that they blend into their surroundings. Some caterpillars and walkingstick insects are camouflaged to look like twigs. Some insects are patterned to look likerepparttar 127716 background where they live, they may look likerepparttar 127717 bark of a tree,repparttar 127718 leaves of a plant, some even look like soil!

Hawaii Volcanoes

Written by Gayle Olson

The Island of Hawaii is made up of five volcanoes. Each began to grow beneathrepparttar sea and eventually joined to form a single island. The volcanoes grew from a hotspot beneathrepparttar 127715 sea. The chain of volcanoes were created asrepparttar 127716 Pacific Plate moved northwestward overrepparttar 127717 hotspot. Kohala wasrepparttar 127718 first to emerge fromrepparttar 127719 sea followed by Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa, Kilauea, and Loihi. Activity has ceased at Kohala and nowrepparttar 127720 most activity has been occurring at Kilauea and Loihi.

Loihi is still beneath sea level about 20 miles offrepparttar 127721 southeast flank ofrepparttar 127722 island. A scientific team has installed underwater cable to Loihi. On October 12, 1997,repparttar 127723 cable was laid and scientists discovered that Loihi was in full eruption. The communication cable provides a direct connection to Loihi. Inrepparttar 127724 past, instrument experiments had to be dropped off atrepparttar 127725 seamount and later physically picked up by a submersible research vessel to recoverrepparttar 127726 data.

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