"Cookie Cutter" Low Carb Diet Plans Explained

Written by Jenny Mathers

"Cookie Cutter" Low Carb Diet Plans Explained

by Jenny Mathers

Most diet plans, including low carb diet plans are best taken with a grain of salt, because although one may work for your best friend, it may not work for you. For those with serious weight problems and have co-existing issues such as hyperglycaemia (high blood sugar levels) or like some of us hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar levels) etc.,repparttar popular diet plans usually will not be able to cater to individual needs.

We are all individuals and as such we need to feed ourselves as individuals, having said this some diet plans will be more beneficial forrepparttar 131368 general population that others. To assess which particular diet plan will be beneficial, you can follow these guidelines. They are very much common sense points, and provide a good framework which many nutrition professionals would broadly follow, and within which you can dividerepparttar 131369 scammy diet plans from those that can offer you safe and healthy diet ideas.

  1. Diet offers sufficient balance and a variety of carbohydrates, protein and fats.
  2. Diet does not exclude one particular food group, and encourage excessive consumption of another.
  3. Diet encourages exercise to complement sensible eating habits.
  4. Diet encourages awareness of portion sizes.
  5. Diet does not encourage unrealistic quick weight loss.
  6. Diet is backed up with medical research data.
In addition to these points, I've broadly outlinedrepparttar 131370 low carb diet plans, which seem to be occupyingrepparttar 131371 minds of dieters and researchers alike, as well asrepparttar 131372 research for and against pertinent torepparttar 131373 low carb diet plans.

Low Carb Diets

A lot ofrepparttar 131374 diet plans these days center aroundrepparttar 131375 low carb diet plans. These low carb diet plans are considered by some diet fads, others consider itrepparttar 131376 new wave in healthy eating. Diets such as The New Atkins Diet Revolution maintain that obese people are insulin sensitive and carbohydrates make them gain weight. Low carb diet plans such as The Zone lay down specific proportion of carbohydrates, protein and fats that should be consumed in order to lose weight and while fats are reduced,repparttar 131377 main source of energy comes fromrepparttar 131378 consumption of protein.

Low carb diet plans such as Sugar Busters, believe that sugar is your body’s most heinous weight loss enemy and since carbohydrates arerepparttar 131379 foods that are processed into sugars – carbohydrates should be limited. The Scarsdale Diet also is a low carb, high protein diet and offers a 2 week crash dieting plan.

Popular diets such asrepparttar 131380 South Beach Diet andrepparttar 131381 Carbohydrate Addicts Diet are also low carb diet plans that have become popular with dieters who have tried and failed atrepparttar 131382 Atkins diet. All these diets see themselves asrepparttar 131383 worlds answer torepparttar 131384 obesity problem.

Eating for Health, Happiness and Successful Weight Control

Written by Dr. William Parsons

Don't diet, just eat and lose weight!

First,repparttar following "diet" is really not a diet, inrepparttar 131363 conventional sense, but a natural way of eating. It allows one to eat essentially anything one wishes, while attaining weight loss or weight control goals and consumingrepparttar 131364 necessary nutrients for a long and healthful life. The term "diet" implies restrictions by either eliminating or radically reducingrepparttar 131365 intake of certain foods or food groups. Most diets are inappropriate, unhealthful (some are even dangerous) and ultimately doomed to fail.

The most important objective of eating any food is to providerepparttar 131366 body with allrepparttar 131367 essential nutrients for a long and healthful life. Almost every food provides some element needed by your body. If you do not care about being healthy, avoiding sickness and disease and living a long life, then this natural way of eating is not for you. The second most important reason for eating any food is because you enjoy it and it makes you happy. It is highly unlikely that you will consistently, and for long term, eat foods that you do not enjoy. Similarly, it is extremely unlikely that you will be able to completely eliminate foods that you do enjoy from your diet.

Many diets and dieticians expect a person to continually keep count of every calorie, carbohydrate and/or gram of fat that enters your mouth! Again, what is likelihood of being able to maintain this tedious ritual for any meaningful length of time? Nothing could be more depressing and stress-inducing asrepparttar 131368 constant monitoring of calories, carbs or fat. Therefore, if enjoying your meals is not important to you, then this natural way of eating is probably not for you.

Finally, you should eat food to maintain an appropriate weight for your height and frame. Being over-weight or under-weight is not conducive to a long, healthful life nor does it promote a positive self image. If being too heavy or too thin is not important to you, than this natural way of eating may not be for you.

Tips for Successful Weight Control

Lose or gain weight because you want to and not to please others.Otherwise, you will not be sufficiently motivated to change your bad eating habits. In fact, whenrepparttar 131369 inevitable happens and you fail to achieve you goal, it will reinforce and, most probably, escalaterepparttar 131370 inappropriate behavior (i.e. over-eating, exclusively eating junk food, bulimia, etc.)

You must begin this natural way of eating with a positive outlook andrepparttar 131371 belief that you can achieve your goals with a minimal amount of effort. If you lackrepparttar 131372 self-confidence and motivation, or you do not believe that you can lose or gain weight, you will not!

It is extremely important for you to learn aboutrepparttar 131373 nutrients contained inrepparttar 131374 foods you eat. This isrepparttar 131375 only part of this natural way of eating that requires some effort on your part. The only way to accomplish this is to read. The internet is probablyrepparttar 131376 best and easiest venue for obtaining this type of information. The following are excellent sources of health and nutrition-related information:

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