Converting a Recipe for your Crockpot

Written by Tony Buel

Crockpots vary butrepparttar low setting is typically around 100 degrees and its high setting is around 300 degrees.

Knowing this, it is fairly easy to convert most recipes for use in your slow cooker. Some adjusments to cooking times will be a judgement call on your part, but some simple guidelines should help. Just follow a few simple rules and you're on your way.

You should decreaserepparttar 145309 liquid since it does not boil away in a crockpot.

Add cheeses and other milk product towardsrepparttar 145310 end of your cooking since they tend to break down if they are cooked for too long.

Brown any ground beef before adding torepparttar 145311 crockpot. It will taste better and have better texture this way.

Add rice and noodles atrepparttar 145312 end of your cooking as well. They will turn mushy if they are cooked too long. You can cook these separately and then combine them when it's time to serve.

All About Barbecue

Written by Laura Kjer

Sincerepparttar beginning of time, man has been using flame to cook food. Cavemen hunted food and then cooked over a fire. However, when it comes to cooking with a flame, there is a difference between barbecue and grilling. Both are great but true barbecue requires sauce added torepparttar 145308 direct flame method. Barbecue normally takes five or six hours of basting at a low temperature. Typical temperature for a barbecue is about 200 degrees.

Most people today think barbecue, they think of hamburgers and hot dog. Or you might also think of a big, fat juicy steak. The term barbecue has come to refer to bothrepparttar 145309 food item andrepparttar 145310 act of cooking it. If you have a get together with family friends and cook food onrepparttar 145311 barbecue, you might refer torepparttar 145312 event itself as a “barbecue”. These barbecues are very popular with people all overrepparttar 145313 country. No matter where you live, it is a great way to get together with friends and family and eat some really great food.

So just where didrepparttar 145314 idea ofrepparttar 145315 social barbecue come from? Well, there are many different theories about where it originated. The states of Texas, Virginia, North and South Carolina and Georgia all have claims torepparttar 145316 barbecue. Now if you look intorepparttar 145317 history ofrepparttar 145318 barbecue, you will see that each state has a different barbecue method and each unique technique means that each could have their own claim torepparttar 145319 original barbecue.

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