Converting a Recipe for your Crockpot

Written by Tony Buel

Crockpots vary butrepparttar low setting is typically around 100 degrees and its high setting is around 300 degrees.

Knowing this, it is fairly easy to convert most recipes for use in your slow cooker. Some adjusments to cooking times will be a judgement call on your part, but some simple guidelines should help. Just follow a few simple rules and you're on your way.

You should decreaserepparttar 138599 liquid since it does not boil away in a crockpot.

Add cheeses and other milk product towardsrepparttar 138600 end of your cooking since they tend to break down if they are cooked for too long.

Brown any ground beef before adding torepparttar 138601 crockpot. It will taste better and have better texture this way.

Add rice and noodles atrepparttar 138602 end of your cooking as well. They will turn mushy if they are cooked too long. You can cook these separately and then combine them when it's time to serve.

Market Spice Tea – Because There's an Adventurer in all of us

Written by Ryan Fyfe

By now we’ve all heard of green tea and probably even read aboutrepparttar health benefits that it has and lots of other information. I want to take amount and put all of this nonsense aside and tell you about a tea that is something to get excited about: Market Spice Tea.

Market Spice originated from Seattle’s Historic Pike Place market in 1911. Market spice is made from sweet huckleberries, which is what gives Market Spice it’s “unlike anything else” taste. Don’t be confused with Huckleberry Finn how ever I’m sure if Tom Sawyer was to drink tea it would be Market Spice. Only Market Spice packsrepparttar 138598 type of punch that an adventurer like Tom Sawyer would be satisfied with. I’ve heard it compared to Orange on Steroids. How ever you look atrepparttar 138599 Tea, The taste is something else and leads to a simply unforgettable experience.

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