Converting Web Site Visitors Into Subscribers

Written by Raymond Johnston Jr

If you publish a newsletter or ezine, you should have a website geared towards getting more subscribers. This should berepparttar sole purpose of this particular website.

The first thing you should know is give your prospective subscriber plenty of opportunities to sign up. Put a sign-up form on each page of your site. Make it highly visible as well. Put it atrepparttar 131961 top of each page where it cannot be missed.

You should include information on your site that will inspire return visits. It sometimes takes multiple visits to get a sign-up. Give them some reason to return to your site.

If you write articles, include them on your site. If you write an article a week, make sure that your visitor knows that you will have a new article each Monday or whatever day it will be. Try to make it a routine. People are more likely to return if they know that they will find new material on a certain day each week.

Include some type of resource page that has useful information for your visitors. Always remember that your visitor is looking for useful information. If you provide it, he is much more likely to return to your site. The more times he visits,repparttar 131962 better chance that he will subscribe.

Don't be afraid to use pop-ups on your site. Too many pop-ups can be detrimental to a site, butrepparttar 131963 fact is that a good pop-up can do amazing things forrepparttar 131964 amount of visitors you turn into subscribers.

Here isrepparttar 131965 approach that has worked best for me. On your home page, put an exit pop-up. Offer a free ebook as an incentive to sign-up to your newsletter or ezine.

If you have an ebook that you have written, this is a great chance to get more exposer.

If you don't have one of your own, there are many that offer yourepparttar 131966 opportunity to brand your own information intorepparttar 131967 book. I suggest you find one of these and use it as a gift for those who sign up from your pop-up.

Optimizing Your Site For The Search Engines

Written by Margot B

Optimize Your Site For Search Engines, by Margot B So you've built your web site! Don't submit it torepparttar search engines until you've given it a tune-up to make it read forrepparttar 131959 search engines. With "Net Mechanic" at you will find "HTML Toolbox" that will scan your pages and let you know about errors before your customers find them. Learn which meta and title tags are best for your web site. They'll even insert them into your Web page for you, and check your spelling as well. Net Mechanic has a search engine starter that will submit your site to 12 popular search engines. This is their free sample. To prepare your site for search engine submission they offer a free sample of their Keyword Popularity Support. With this program, you'll learn which keywords will getrepparttar 131960 most traffic to your site. To test up to five Web pages they offer a free sample of "HTML Tool- box". You can get a free tune-up. With this you can repair common HTML errors, find broken links, get help with HTML tags. You can get a free test [of up to five pages] of repparttar 131961 download time of your site. They offer a free monthly tune up. Then they will give you, as a free sample, your search engine ranking in six top search engines and they will check your rank every week and send a page rank report to you. HTML Toolbox is safe to use. Their tools won't automatically change any- thing on your site. All their repairs are on a copy of yur Web page so that you can download and install when you're ready. Another item to check isrepparttar 131962 size of your graphic images. Few visitors are willing to stare at your blank screen for 10-20 seconds while your graphic images load. With Net Mechanic's free "Gif Bot" you can reduce your image file size, optimize images, re-use images, pre-load images. If you re-use repparttar 131963 same image on your web site, such as company logos and navigational menu bars and icons, site visitors will only

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