Converting Visitors into Subscribers

Written by Javier Salces

Copyright 2005 Javier Salces

Visitor conversion is a challenge faced by every marketer.

If you're spending money to generate traffic, you want to do everything possible to ensure that traffic isn't wasted. This means getting more bang for your buck by convincing more visitors to subscribe to your list.

In other words, conversion improves your return on investment and limitsrepparttar temptation of spending more money on more traffic.

If your opt-in list isn't converting as well you expected, there are several target elements you can experiment with to improve your opt-in rates:

1. Web Copy

Isrepparttar 148372 copy on your site effective? Poorly written copy is one ofrepparttar 148373 first culprits to investigate. Start by evaluating your headline. Is it enticing? Does it pullrepparttar 148374 reader in? A boring headline can cause people to click away without even readingrepparttar 148375 rest ofrepparttar 148376 page. Check your main copy as well.

Do you explainrepparttar 148377 benefits of list membership? People always want to know what's in it for them. Make sure you offer them plenty of reasons to sign up.

2. Incentives

Incentives provide additional benefits and additional reasons to join your list. If you aren't doing so already, offer a unique course, e-book or piece of software for free as a bonus to subscribers. Many times this will convert hesitant visitors into subscribers.

People love freebies and they also can't resist satisfying their curiosity.

3. Make it easy to join

Have you placed your subscription box in a prominent place onrepparttar 148378 page? Some list owners always place their subscription box atrepparttar 148379 top ofrepparttar 148380 page, while others place it atrepparttar 148381 very bottom. Either position can work well, but if you have a lot of copy to wade through, you might consider placingrepparttar 148382 box withinrepparttar 148383 body copy at logical points. Remind your readers why they are there and what action you want them to take.

Email Marketing Kung Fu

Written by Mike Adams

Copyright 2005 Mike Adams

Have you ever heard email described as, "the killer Internet Application?" Do you understand why email isrepparttar killer app for your business onrepparttar 148342 Internet, or how to make it that way if it isn't now?

In my spare time, I teach WingTsun(TM) Kung Fu. I learned Internet marketing by marketing my martial arts schools and classes online. Much of what I've learned about Internet marketing - and Life - has been strongly influenced by Kung Fu.

Good Kung Fu is concept-driven. Good Internet marketing should be, too. Have you ever heardrepparttar 148343 concept, "The best defense is a good offense?"

My students and I are nice people. But if you've ever had to defend yourself or your family, you know you can't be too nice. Your survival, orrepparttar 148344 survival of your loved ones, depends on you winning. You cannot stop, you must win.

So let me ask you: If you were in a situation where you had to defend yourself and your family - life or death! - would you only hit once? Of course not. You'd keep hitting until you and your family were safe, wouldn't you?

But is that how you market your business onrepparttar 148345 Internet? Are you relentless? Do you win? Or do you just get one hit per visitor? Do you really think people are going to wait around to see what happens? Or come back later for another hit?

It sounds funny, but this is whatrepparttar 148346 vast majority of businesses do onrepparttar 148347 Internet! I've done it too, and I KNOW better! Any marketer will tell you it's a known fact that it normally takes multiple exposures to your marketing before someone actually makes a purchase. It's so easy to focus on getting a hit on your web site. But what'srepparttar 148348 chance you're going to win with just one hit?

Do you know what it costs you to get a visitor to your web site? Maybe you can measure it because you're doing pay-per-click, popup, or banner advertising. Or maybe you just know you spent umpteen hours hunched over your keyboard sweating blood trying to optimize your pages forrepparttar 148349 search engines. Any way you count it, I'm betting it's costing you a lot of time or money for each visitor. Do you really want them to just surf in and surf out, never to be seen again, and never to generate any revenue?

Are you going to crawl back in every Monday morning to a job you hate? Your family would be a lot safer if they didn't have to depend onrepparttar 148350 good will of an anonymous corporation, wouldn't they?

Are you going to win?

Are you an Internet Warrior?

Then you have to get their email address, and permission to email them. Then we start our Kung Fu.

I'm going to teach yourepparttar 148351 concept ofrepparttar 148352 WingTsun chain punch. The chain punch is like a machine gun - it's a continuous chain of punches, each one linking torepparttar 148353 next in a continuous unbroken chain. They just keep coming! Believe it or not, with a little practice anyone can punch 7 or 8 times a second for 100 punches or more. In fact, 10 punches per second is not that difficult and 12 punches per second is not unheard of! And every one of those punches is automatic, it's reflex. It's all on autopilot.

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