Converting Newsletter Readers Into Website Explorers

Written by Mike Morgan

Allrepparttar experts agree, if you want visitors to explore your website, you have to give them a reason; without one, they'll click away from your site. If you publish an email newsletter and own a website, here's an interesting way to promote viewing of your website's pages among your newsletter readers.

Sprinkle (actually, "hide") trivia tidbits throughoutrepparttar 124312 pages on your website. They can be in body copy, image captions, advertiser copy ... anywhere. Then run a quiz in your newsletter, letting your readers knowrepparttar 124313 that all ofrepparttar 124314 answers are somewhere on your site. Offer a prize torepparttar 124315 first person to email you with allrepparttar 124316 correct answers.

You may freely repostrepparttar 124317 sample quiz without any resource box. I would appreciate, however, some sort of a link to my website Bison Creek Author Services in your newsletter or on your site. If you need ad copy lines for a newsletter link --

"Author services, including sales copy writing, free article posting, manuscript readings, reviews and testimonials--for writers just like ourselves: long on vision, but way short on funds. Bison Creek Author Services"

Turn your FREE eZine into a moneymaker, Tip #1

Written by Terry Telford

Almost every online business, that's serious about their marketing effort, has their own eZine. Out ofrepparttar hundreds of thousands of eZines onrepparttar 124311 net, only a handful make money for their publishers. Does your eZine make you money?

Here is a quick tip to turn your eZine into a moneymaker.

Confirmation message.

When someone subscribes to your eZine, they should receive a confirmation message. Generally,repparttar 124312 confirmation message says something like:

Thank you for subscribing to ABC eZine. We're glad to have you onboard. You have subscribed usingrepparttar 124313 following address: Welcome aboard.

If it was not your intention to subscribe, please clickrepparttar 124314 following link to be removed from our subscriber database.

Thanks once again for subscribing.

Sincerely, Owner's name Company name

It's a nice way to let your new subscriber know that they have been added to your database and that they can easily unsubscribe, but it doesn't make you any money. To make money from your confirmation message, simply add an offer.

Here is a one ofrepparttar 124315 confirmation messages that bpc publishing sends to new subscribers. This one is sent after someone has subscribed to The Marketing Pack Journal, our eZine, from another site.


Thank you for subscribing to The Marketing Pack Journal when you visited We're happy to have you onboard!

You will receive your first issue of The Marketing Pack Journal on Monday.

As an extra bonus, you will receive The Oz e-Combo Special Edition on Wednesday.

And, of course, your Subscriber Bonus. You can pick up your FREE subscriber bonus at: (This is our home page,repparttar 124316 actual subscriber bonus is included inrepparttar 124317 real confirmation email. To subscribe to The Marketing Pack Journal seerepparttar 124318 Author's byline box at repparttar 124319 end of this article)

If, inrepparttar 124320 future, you wish to unsubscribe from The Marketing Pack Journal, simply clickrepparttar 124321 unsubscribe link atrepparttar 124322 bottom of any issue.

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