Conventional Putter or Long-Shafted Putter

Written by Steve Mabry

The big hitters will tell you thatrepparttar girls digrepparttar 137522 long ball. What aboutrepparttar 137523 long putter? While there is no evidence thatrepparttar 137524 girls swoon overrepparttar 137525 long putter it certainly has proven its worth in gold onrepparttar 137526 PGA Tour in recent years. 

Stewart Cink, who uses a belly putter, becamerepparttar 137527 first player to toprepparttar 137528 TOUR's putting stats with a non-standard-length putter in 2004. Tom Lehman posted four top-10 finishes in five events to finishrepparttar 137529 2004 season after placing a long putter in his bag. 

Where did this trend begin? In 2000, Paul Azinger wonrepparttar 137530 Sony Open with a homemade belly putter. Paul was inrepparttar 137531 Putter Studio with Titleist's chief putter designer Scotty Cameron a few months beforerepparttar 137532 Sony. They analysed whererepparttar 137533 butt ofrepparttar 137534 putter aims at address, duringrepparttar 137535 backstroke, at impact, and duringrepparttar 137536 forward stroke. It was found thatrepparttar 137537 best putters keeprepparttar 137538 butt ofrepparttar 137539 shaft aimed within a two-inch circle inrepparttar 137540 belly area duringrepparttar 137541 stroke. Paul, thinking aboutrepparttar 137542 two-inch circle, made a putter by shoving a shaft downrepparttar 137543 shaft of his putter, and worked on anchoringrepparttar 137544 butt ofrepparttar 137545 extended shaft into his belly. He made surerepparttar 137546 putter was legal andrepparttar 137547 rest is history. 

"According to Cameron,repparttar 137548 belly putter putsrepparttar 137549 player in a repeatable position where mental memory can create muscle memory. Anchoringrepparttar 137550 putter helps eliminate unnecessary moving parts, like wanderingrepparttar 137551 butt and flippingrepparttar 137552 head through impact, and it allows a controllable and repeatable stroke that creates a consistent arc."

Cameron says, "I believe inrepparttar 137553 belly putter and I believe inrepparttar 137554 long putter." The fastest growing segment of his putter business last year was belly putters. If nothing else, it can be a good training aid to help feel whererepparttar 137555 butt ofrepparttar 137556 putter should stay. It is a good way to feelrepparttar 137557 proper stroke if you are struggling. Check whererepparttar 137558 butt of you putter points by using a laser pointer or small flashlight while making a stroke in a mirror. If it is wandering more thanrepparttar 137559 two-inch circle, you could probably benefit from using an anchored stroke. If you have a problem consistently hitting putts solid including directional and distance issues, and a ball that hops, skips or just doesn't roll pretty, you could probably benefit from a belly or long putter. 

How to Wheelie like a pro on a snowboard

Written by Jakob Jelling

Wheelies are an old trick that goes back at least as far as roller skating does and most likely much further. It seems that any time any body has a vehicle with four wheels they need to find a way to make it run on just two wheels for a while. The list of examples can vary from muscle cars to skateboards to quads and motor bikes.

Wheelies are not a trick limited to vehicles with more than one tire. The definition of a wheelie has now extended to include things such as snowboards. While a snowboard does not have any wheels on it,repparttar principal of how a wheelie works isrepparttar 137515 exact same.

When it comes to snowboarding, a wheelie is a simple matter of balance. Your goal is to learn how to balance your weight on nothing butrepparttar 137516 tail of your snowboard while going down a slope. As with most skills, this ability also increases your skills required for other tricks.

The exact technique required for you to wheelie will very depending upon your riding style. Of courserepparttar 137517 first step is to be riding down a gentle slope that you are very comfortable with. The first wheelie to practice isrepparttar 137518 tail wheelie where you will be raisingrepparttar 137519 nose of your snowboard offrepparttar 137520 ground and riding on justrepparttar 137521 tail.

To raiserepparttar 137522 nose offrepparttar 137523 ground you need to stiffen your front leg, as it will act asrepparttar 137524 fulcrum for you. As you stiffen your front leg slightly bend your rear leg and begin to raise your front leg up intorepparttar 137525 air while leaning backwards. An important thing to keep in mind is that your spine must also bend in a gentle curve to help you arcrepparttar 137526 nose of your snowboard offrepparttar 137527 ground. Once you getrepparttar 137528 nose of your snowboard offrepparttar 137529 ground it is only a matter of learning to feelrepparttar 137530 flex in your snowboard and thus learning what it needs to get your wheelie higher offrepparttar 137531 ground and for longer periods of time.

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