Controllable Destiny ... Setting a Destination and Experiencing the Ride

Written by Edward B. Toupin

The many ideas of "living life" arerepparttar most indistinctly defined conundrums that a human being can ponder. Philosophy has its own definitions of life and living. Of course, so do religions, corporations, politicians, and every diverse group onrepparttar 101990 planet. Some ofrepparttar 101991 looser definitions I hear from many people include:

- Life is ruled by destiny. - Life is ruled by fate. - We all live by a Universal Plan. - Only God knows.

In general, many people believe that their lives are already set and that they should acceptrepparttar 101992 paths and destinations placed before them. But,repparttar 101993 few that believe that life is what you make of it arerepparttar 101994 ones that understand that there is no absolute definition for life and living.

--- Belief Systems ---

In every case, you identify paths in your life based on your own personal "belief system." This system is who you are and what makes you dorepparttar 101995 things you do. It is your conscience, your ego, your little devil ... you! Everything you do in life is based on at least one of your core beliefs. But, when you do step outside of that lifelong foundation, you may feel frightened, uncomfortable, and generally lost.

I do believe in a God, a greater existence above us all, but life has taught me that there are no controlling entities that have absolute plans laid out for each of us. I would have to say that one's direction is chosen by none, and by all. Our destinies are not chosen at birth, but are poured into us as we grow and every action we take affects others as much asrepparttar 101996 actions of others affect us.

We choose our destination in life based on our beliefs. We feel as though our destinations are predetermined because we know what we "must" do to satisfy those beliefs. When we grow to reachrepparttar 101997 boundaries of that belief system, we become dissatisfied because we can see where we want to go, but can't get there with our current beliefs. It is at that time that we must decide to either takerepparttar 101998 leap intorepparttar 101999 unknown, or stay where we are because it is safe and known.

--- Destiny vs. Destination ---

Destiny, by definition, isrepparttar 102000 idea of "what may happen inrepparttar 102001 future." For most, it isrepparttar 102002 acceptance that we have a predetermined destiny and we should not fightrepparttar 102003 path on which we are placed. Destination, by definition, isrepparttar 102004 act of "aiming for a certain position; a place." For some, a destination isrepparttar 102005 ultimate place that we want to be atrepparttar 102006 end of a given journey---a chosen place atrepparttar 102007 end of a path.

The idea of allowing destiny to choose your direction in life isrepparttar 102008 easiest way to live. It guarantees that you will encounter little resistance and be able to live a constant life from beginning to end. You merely experiencerepparttar 102009 day-to-day problems of living an existence.

However, destiny is onlyrepparttar 102010 idea of what "may" happen inrepparttar 102011 future. It is not a set future, but one that you choose to accept as an absolute. Accepting destiny usually occurs when one either does not know how to choose a destination in their life or when one is so overwhelmed by their life that they don't have time, or are afraid, to choose.

To move forward, one must pick a destination, and work to get there. This is not an easy task as our own beliefs, disbeliefs, overwhelming situations, and lack of understanding cloud us all. It is notrepparttar 102012 abandonment of a belief system, it isrepparttar 102013 enhancement of our existing system through growth and knowledge that brings about change. We must first clear ourselves and understand our blocks and our goals so that we can view a better picture of what we can do for ourselves.

--- Choosing a Destination ---

To choose a destination, you must know what you want. Many times, people select their paths based on their current state and beliefs in their lives. This tends to push them right back intorepparttar 102014 same, or similar, situations that they are in atrepparttar 102015 time they decide to make a change. This usually occurs out of fear of looking outside of their "comfort zones" and environment.

Comfort zones are unusual places in which to exist. Such zones can create apathy and lethargy and keep one from moving beyond current situations. The lack of movement is becauserepparttar 102016 person has become comfortable with a particular situation in their life and is able to, somewhat, controlrepparttar 102017 situation. Even ifrepparttar 102018 situation is torturous and stressful, it is familiar, and ifrepparttar 102019 person feels control or comfort, they will resist change and stay there.

Building A Career Of Choice

Written by John Hoover

Let's face it, most career choices are not choices at all, but people held hostage by paychecks. Most of us fall into a job; followed by a paycheck, and then become immobilized into taking any pro-active moves toward something we really love doing. How much sense does this make? We don't marry on these terms. We don't select friends on these terms. But we do spend eight, ten, twelve hours a day in work we have no passion for and a future we aren't particularly interested in cultivating. Perhaps now isrepparttar time to change all that.

It doesn't matter whether you are looking for employment or self-employmentrepparttar 101989 guidelines for locating your career purpose arerepparttar 101990 same. It takes a bit of courage and self-evaluation, all of which can be difficult but will also free you to find your true career of choice.

Passion and Practicality

To be an adult you must be practical. That is what we are taught. To be practical we must do what makes sense to those around us, rather than what feels right within us. Trouble is, that might make some of those around us happy, but it makes us miserable. And that is not practical. Passion is that burst of internal thrill that propels you effortlessly towardrepparttar 101991 work of realization. Passion is coupled with belief, hope, and faith; and can do more than move mountains; it can give your life purpose.

So set asiderepparttar 101992 practicality of those around you and begin looking at what really makes your own clock tick. Make a list of those things that you do in your off hours that make you smile. Look into your heart atrepparttar 101993 yearnings that have gone unmet. For all those activities is a means for creating a career.

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