Contrarian Marketing at Benetton's

Written by Robert F. Abbott

Perhaps, with apologies to Dale Carnegie, we should call this article: "How to make enemies AND influence people."

The subject: United Colors of Benetton's campaign to promote its clothing, using photos and stories about death row prisoners inrepparttar U.S. It's what journalist James Bone ofrepparttar 143507 Times of London calledrepparttar 143508 "latest in a string of deliberately provocative campaigns".

In an age when most advertisers try their hardest to avoid offending anyone, this company takes a clearly contrarian approach. A cynic might call it a cheap trick to get attention and free media coverage (like this article). But, Benetton has run campaigns like this for quite some time, and important communication lessons come out of them, regardless of how we feel aboutrepparttar 143509 subject matter.

Let's start with focus. Obviously, ifrepparttar 143510 company willingly offendsrepparttar 143511 moral sensibilities of many potential customers, it must focus on a particular part ofrepparttar 143512 market, specifically people with liberal social and political attitudes.

In marketing terms, that suggests Benetton segments with psychographic criteria. Psychographics refers torepparttar 143513 lifestyles, values, and attitudes of consumers, including social and political viewpoints.

Given that it has run campaigns like this one for some 20 years, we have to believe that Benetton knows this segment well and focuses on it intently.

Turning to positioning, just about every other clothing company uses warm and fuzzy advertising themes. Advertising that makes you feel good about yourself because you look good, which makes you attractive to others, and therefore popular, and all of that should satisfy some of your important goals.

Benetton, onrepparttar 143514 other hand, apparently wants its customers to feel good about themselves because they have a social conscience, because they feel moral outrage about one ofrepparttar 143515 hot-button issues of our time.

Basic Marketing Dope

Written by Joy Gendusa

Sometimesrepparttar simplest data isrepparttar 143506 best. Marketing is not complex if you knowrepparttar 143507 basics – that’s true with anything byrepparttar 143508 way. Here are some tools that are brilliantly simple and with them you really won’t have to sweatrepparttar 143509 small stuff.

Hot Dope #1) The more that your potential customers see your name in front of them,repparttar 143510 more likely they are to call your number (and not someone else’s) when they needrepparttar 143511 services you offer.

Many marketing efforts go unrewarded, not because they were off target but simply because they weren’t given enough of an opportunity to work. Showing your TV commercial one time, running an ad inrepparttar 143512 newspaper once, or doing one mailing of postcards may not be enough to grab and keeprepparttar 143513 audience’s attention.

Get your name out there, do it on a regular basis and people will remember you when they need someone in your line of business. Actually, this particular “Hot Dope” cannot be stressed enough – and failure to adhere to it isrepparttar 143514 #1 reason new businesses fail.

You should also know that takingrepparttar 143515 time to really see which pieces will generaterepparttar 143516 response you want will pay off. Don’t just totally give up when a response is low – persistence is vital.

Hot dope # 2) Measure your Return On Investment (ROI) in terms of actual MONEY not response rate. An advertising vehicle is working whenrepparttar 143517 MONEY that it brings in has more value thanrepparttar 143518 MONEY and time that is spent onrepparttar 143519 marketing.

Don’t fall intorepparttar 143520 trap of becoming discouraged by a small number of callers responding to a large number of pieces. If you spend several hundred dollars to be inrepparttar 143521 view of a few thousand possible leads, it may only take a few customers responding for you to make enough of a profit for this type of marketing to be valuable. The usefulness of any vehicle can only be determined afterrepparttar 143522 amount of income generated byrepparttar 143523 promotion has been calculated. If you spend 1/5 of what you generate or generate 5 times what you spend, your campaign was successful.

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