Continue in Prayer

Written by Angelique Watkins

Something that I wanted to share on Prayer that I once read .... especially after reading this "God's Heart is aching."

Prayer lifts heavy loads from our hearts. Prayer gives us courage to go on whenrepparttar way looks dark. Prayer opens doors and melts hard hearts. Prayer changes lives and wins souls. Prayer brings response from God.

Prayer is not a duty to be performed; it is a privilege to be used and enjoyed. It isrepparttar 127026 talking over of life's problems with one who has power to solve those problems.

Prayer is an obedience of confidence in God. Prayer is an expression of our conscious need of God. Prayer is an act of obedience. Satan will keep us from praying if he can.

Devender Singh - "The Man with the Golden Brush"

Written by Sumeet Singh

Devender Singh, an icon inrepparttar field of art was born at Amritsar on 6th November 1947. He received his formal education at Bombay, Amritsar, Ludhiana & Chandigarh but was initiated intorepparttar 127025 world of art by his accomplished father. He has participated in numerous exhibitions & got many a prestigious & reputed awards.

For Devender Singh, painting came as an inheritance from his father Late S.Sewak Singh a commercial artist, butrepparttar 127026 son turnedrepparttar 127027 art into one of transforming Sikh religious history and in delightful compositions on pastels.

From his house in Sector 38, his Gurus and depictions of episodes have reached many Sikh museums acrossrepparttar 127028 country and abroad. Work never eluded Devender ever since his first collection of paintings on Sikh women was bought by Punjab and Sind Bank for their calendar in 1972.

Devender, a self-made man who thinks that his hobby-turned-profession was like any other job which provides a man with livelihood. His canvases are not inrepparttar 127029 nature of a `satsang in colour' but carry meaningful delineation throughrepparttar 127030 countenances of Gurus, silhoutted women andrepparttar 127031 elements in sober pastels. The walls ofrepparttar 127032 Sikh museums in Paonta Sahib, Anandpur Sahib and Golden Temple are adorned with Devender's paintings. It did not take much time forrepparttar 127033 name to reachrepparttar 127034 NRI Sikhs who flocked him with offers which resulted in his paintings reachingrepparttar 127035 Sikh shrines and attached museums in Singapore and England.

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