Contextual Ads, Do They Work?

Written by Rob Wiley

I just read something about howrepparttar next big web thing doesn't live up to it's expectations. This next big web thing turns out to be contextual ads. After reading about this, it got me to think... What would I do?? If I was looking for a particular rock for my rock collection, what would I do? How would I go about searching for such an item? And with in my search, would I ever click on a link from a contextual ad? I thought these questions and findingrepparttar 119377 answer to them would help me make a clearer decision as to "the next big web thing" and if it really is a flop. Procedures I took in findingrepparttar 119378 answers goes like this. First I went to Goolge and typed "Jade" intorepparttar 119379 search field. Whenrepparttar 119380 results came back, I was kind of disappointed. Becauserepparttar 119381 word "Jade" is a name that was applied to ornamental stones that were being brought to Europe from China and Central America. I couldn't find any information onrepparttar 119382 gemstone "Jade" untilrepparttar 119383 third page. When I did find an actual page relevant torepparttar 119384 gemstone, it was a description page that describedrepparttar 119385 different properties of Jade. Although I was getting closer to my search to purchasing a piece of Jade for my collection I still foundrepparttar 119386 search rather long. At this point if there was a contextual ad onrepparttar 119387 page that hinted to a gemstone store featuring Jade, I would click on it. There was no such ad so I cancelled my search and figured I would have better success at Big Sur.

Writing Your Body Content

Written by Rob Wiley

It is said that search engines like to see a certain amount of words inrepparttar body of your html page. That is true, if you don't have a certain amount of words inrepparttar 119376 body, then that page will not be considered a viable page. And not just any words, making your content relevant to your site isrepparttar 119377 key. In order to achieverepparttar 119378 right balance, apply some common sense and think it through.

Sometimes it can be difficult to come up with content that might help describe a certain aspect of your business. Looking at other sites onrepparttar 119379 internet is always a good place to browse for ideas. Keeping in mind that you are only browsing. You might look at ten different sites and pull ideas from each of them. Once you do this, you will find that your limits will be broaden when it comes to placingrepparttar 119380 right kind of words on your web page.

Here is a simple example of how a person might increase relevant content on a web page. Keeprepparttar 119381 word relevant in mind. Let's say you have a flower shop and you sale flowers from your website. Your site is up and running and seems to be generating some traffic. The site contains a description of your business page, a services offered page, a store and an order form page. What do you think isrepparttar 119382 most important section of this site? I would sayrepparttar 119383 store is. So let's see how we can increase content that is relevant for that page or section of your website.

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