Content is King

Written by Damian Bazadona

Time and time again content has proven to berepparttar single most important component of successful web sites. Virtually everywhere you surfrepparttar 132087 web, you can locate just about any type of information or content you are seeking. With this thinking in mind, what would make people utilize your web site? Furthermore, what would persuade people to return? The answer to these questions could holdrepparttar 132088 answer to your web sites long-term health. (, a free on-line marketing resource, is a perfect example of a web site that thrives on delivering content. While I am managing editor ofrepparttar 132089 web site and controlrepparttar 132090 editorial content, I have proactively been involved in examining how our users interact with our web site and their involvement with our content over time.

What we've learned is quite simple. If your content is good, you will over time acquire web site visitors. To retain those visitors often takes a little bit more. Whilerepparttar 132091 number of web sites onrepparttar 132092 Internet continues to escalate,repparttar 132093 value of solid content will only continue to rise. Here are some concepts that may help make your siterepparttar 132094 'stickiest of them all.'

Well-Organized Content

You may haverepparttar 132095 best content onrepparttar 132096 planet, but if people can't find what they are looking for, it's useless. One idea is to break your content into appropriate subcategories and make sure those subcategories are clearly representative ofrepparttar 132097 content behind them. Also, be consistent inrepparttar 132098 placement of content for up-dates onrepparttar 132099 site. You don't want to confuse repeat visitors who become accustomed withrepparttar 132100 navigational structure you have set forth fromrepparttar 132101 beginning.

80% of your Web site is Maintenance

Written by Judy Cullins

Once your Web site is up, you must maintain it. Maintenance means changes, and each time you make a change, you may make a mistake. Today, someone pointed out a mistake in an entry that was time-sensitive. If your visitors get a link that doesn't work or incomplete instructions, or if your copy is lackluster instead of passionate, they will delete your site and not bookmark it.

Before you invite folks to see your masterpiece you need to check and correct all parts of your site, and especiallyrepparttar home page.

*Test your headline. You have 4 seconds to get your visitor's attention. Test your title or opening sentence of copy. This one item alone can make a huge difference inrepparttar 132085 responses you receive. Instead ofrepparttar 132086 wasted words "welcome," put a benefit with a link to either a story about your product orrepparttar 132087 product itself. When I placed "Quadruple your Web Sales in Just Three Months" with a click here following it, my Web sales increased ten times fromrepparttar 132088 original one, and this is only 3 months time. If your headline doesn't do it,repparttar 132089 game is over.

*Test your offer. People perceive more value when you add an incentive to buy. Give them a bonus FREE report or a tips list withrepparttar 132090 order. It takes little time and effort to create, but it increases sales ten-fold. Forrepparttar 132091 holidays I plan to motivate my visitors with "Holiday Specials" where I will offer a bundle of products at a lower price thanrepparttar 132092 highest one. Test your copy by emailing your preferred audience several choices. Which one would they buy? Emphasize different benefits, try different phrases, power words and metaphors. Appeal to their different senses like smell, touch, emotions and visual.

*Test your price. A price that is too low is as bad as a price too high. Too low a price devalues your product or service. Potential clients or buyers might think, "If it's that cheap, it must not be good." One myth is that eBooks have less value than print books. If your book has information your one particular audience wants, you must price it accordingly. My eBooks are in 8 by 11" format. That means they have twicerepparttar 132093 information as a regular size book. They can be purchased by regular eMail or put into Portable Document Format.

*Test your copy. Change testimonials or pictures every so often. Redo your opening page and closing page. Instead of "Subscribe to my ezine," put a short testimonial from a famous person in your field right beforerepparttar 132094 "click here" to subscribe. Always give your visitors a reason to buy. Make your copy "you" oriented. Dan Poynter, author of The Self-Publishing Manual, said this about my free monthly ezine "The Book Coach Says... ezine is chock full of useful information - totally worth your time."

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