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Written by Kevin Kantola

Content Management Systems and search engine optimization (SEO) used to be mutually exclusive terms. Butrepparttar SEO community has been drivingrepparttar 127888 developers of Content Management Systems to integrate more SEO-friendly methodology within their systems.

Content Management Systems (CMS) are a hot topic right now with many corporate websites are turning to these systems to handle thousands of pages of dynamic data that they need to update regularly. Content Management Systems allow information to be added, edited or deleted automatically overrepparttar 127889 entire website. This can save hundreds of hours in manual updates. Pages of content are generated onrepparttar 127890 fly using a template driven system.

When Content Management Systems were first developed, most had little regard forrepparttar 127891 requirements of search engine optimization. For some Content Management Systems this still holds true. Most CMS's, however, now have workarounds to accommodate those wanting to perform search engine optimization on their websites. The workarounds inrepparttar 127892 Content Management Systems involve two areas: writing search engine friendly URL's and creating individualized title and meta tags per page.

Writing Search Engine Friendly URL's

Some search engines (SE's) and directories like Google and Yahoo! can now read dynamic URL's but there are still a fair amount which can't or can only partially read them. The SE's like to see pages that have unique content per page and may limitrepparttar 127893 number of variable strings (i.e. ?, =. &) in a URL to assure unique content.

By using a web server module called Mod_Rewrite it is possible to removerepparttar 127894 stop characters fromrepparttar 127895 URL string, thus making it more SE-friendly. To do this you will need to add a rule torepparttar 127896 .htaccess file. For more information, seerepparttar 127897 following article onrepparttar 127898 Apache website:

New Search Engine Optimization Software

Written by Phil LaBoon

Contact: Phil LaBoon, Eyeflow Internet Designs, 412-980-9385 For additional information, please visit

For Immediate Release September 16, 2004

Flash Seo Software

New Search Engine Optimization Software Revolutionizes Internet Marketing

PITTSBURGH, Pa. – Two well-known Internet marketers (Keith Baxter and Phil LaBoon) from opposite sides ofrepparttar United States have teamed up and created software that is making huge waves inrepparttar 127887 Internet Marketing World and changingrepparttar 127888 way webmasters build websites. Flash SEO Software as they call it works off ofrepparttar 127889 fact that internet search engines recently started being able to read Macromedia Flash files and indexrepparttar 127890 content accordingly, which ultimately leads to better positions inrepparttar 127891 search engines. This software actually takes standard website pictures that search engines can’t read and converts them into thousands of words that search engines can index – all withoutrepparttar 127892 visitor noticing any change inrepparttar 127893 picture. As if this weren’t enough,repparttar 127894 software also lowersrepparttar 127895 file size of most images and protects them from being stolen.

”Who would have thought something so easy could almost double my online traffic in just a few weeks? I would have paid three timesrepparttar 127896 asking price for these results!” -- Brian Driscoll, Beta Tester

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