Content Generation for the new search engine and searcher

Written by Mick Sawyer

When i first enteredrepparttar arena of search engine optimization a few years ago i soon found out that backlinks were they key to sucess and i maderepparttar 139215 most of backlinks by being a slave torepparttar 139216 search engines by linking my site in every spare moment i could.

Overrepparttar 139217 last few years i have found thatrepparttar 139218 backlink is no longer as powerful as it was inrepparttar 139219 past and to survive and get better rankings we now need to add a lot more content to out sites than we did inrepparttar 139220 past.

Adding content to your site and learning to write goos copy is a much more pleasant task thanrepparttar 139221 relentless stream of emails you need to send out inrepparttar 139222 past to get even a few confirmed backlinks to your site.

I have taken some time out od building sites to learn hot to write good copy and have even purchased some article manipulation tolls that speed uprepparttar 139223 process and generate good unique content.

One ofrepparttar 139224 best tools have is a book i bought from a second hand book store which has taught me to write good and old fashioned copy and has also taught merepparttar 139225 basics of correct grammar inrepparttar 139226 style it was taught inrepparttar 139227 past before we hadrepparttar 139228 much used spellchecker which we all prize and utilize every day.

Should You Use Testimonials When You Create A Web Site?

Written by Herb and Monica Leibacher

You've probably seen web sites with testimonials - they can add legitimacy. But sometimes they are believable, and sometimes they are not. Are testimonials worthrepparttar effort?

The answer is "Yes" if they are done right.

When done correctly, testimonials can help you establish credibility and give you an opportunity to proverepparttar 138958 claims about your web site.

However, when done incorrectly, testimonials aren't believable and honest, and can cause more harm than good.

Here are some ideas on how to use testimonials effectively:

1. Do not fake it Your testimonials should be believable. The best way to make them believable is to not make them up. A fade testimonial can ruin your credibility. Play fair, and get real testimonials from real people.

2. Be brief If it's too long, your web site visitor probably won't read it. If you've got a super long testimonial, break it up into small sections and use it in different places.

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