Contacting a Celebrex Law Firm The Best Medicine

Written by Dave Hoffman

Whenrepparttar full side effects of Pfizer's anti-inflammatory and pain-killing drug became apparent,repparttar 150600 primary concern for many ofrepparttar 150601 people who had been takingrepparttar 150602 drug to help withrepparttar 150603 management of their arthritis symptoms wasrepparttar 150604 implications to their health. As it was revealed thatrepparttar 150605 risk of enduring a major cardiovascular episode was two and a half times in former Celebrex patients what it was inrepparttar 150606 general population, this is enormously understandable. It is also understandable that for many patients,repparttar 150607 next step in coping withrepparttar 150608 unexpected side effects of Pfizer's drug is to contact a Celebrex law firm.

Most ofrepparttar 150609 patients taking Celebrex were those dealing withrepparttar 150610 often-debilitating pain and compromised movement of arthritis, a diagnosis that can be upsetting to receive. Even inrepparttar 150611 day of modern medical miracles, there remains no cure for this condition, andrepparttar 150612 best that can be hoped for is that lifestyle changes and medication will impact enough to minimiserepparttar 150613 symptoms sufficiently to allowrepparttar 150614 patient to continue with life as best they can. Thus, it is no surprise that a drug like Celebrex was greeted so optimistically torepparttar 150615 market place, and that it is with crushed spirits that many patients are now contacting Celebrex law firms.

Congress Considers National Data Privacy Law

Written by Richard A. Chapo

Legislation was introduced into Congress this week that would establish a national data privacy law. The bill would require businesses to disclose to consumers any breaches that result inrepparttar exposure of personal information.

The legislation is a reaction torepparttar 150517 massive security breaches that have occurred overrepparttar 150518 last year. Inrepparttar 150519 most notable breach, over 40 million credit card numbers were exposed in a security breach involving CardSystems, an online processor. LexisNexis, Bank of America and other corporate entities have also suffered breaches exposingrepparttar 150520 personal information of millions of individuals.

Underrepparttar 150521 new legislation, businesses exposingrepparttar 150522 personal information of more than 1,000 individuals would be required to notifyrepparttar 150523 individuals. Failure to comply withrepparttar 150524 law would result in penalties of up to $11 million per incident. Interestingly,repparttar 150525 legislation would bar businesses and schools from putting Social Security numbers on any form of identification.

Upon receiving notice, consumers would be allowed to put a notice on their credit reports, which would prevent any company from providing new credit under their name. This would effectively stop thieves from opening new credit accounts withrepparttar 150526 stolen information.

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