Contact Lenses or Lasik Surgery - Which is the right choice for you?

Written by Peter Smithson

Contact lenses can get expensive, not to mentionrepparttar fact that you get tired of having to put them into and out of your eyes every single day. Withrepparttar 143647 advent of laser surgery inrepparttar 143648 last decade, more and more people are discovering that they can have 20/20 vision (or better) without ever having to wear glasses again.

Laser surgery is expensive and it's not generally covered by insurance because it's considered an elective procedure. Some insurance companies will cover a very small portion, leaving a general cost somewhere between $3000 and $4000 dollars. So immediately, it's a cash investment of significant portion.

Many clinics do offer financial payment plans, but they are usually one or two year plans that allow you to spread outrepparttar 143649 payments. This option can still cost you about$180 to $400 per billing period, whether it is byrepparttar 143650 month or quarter.

Ifrepparttar 143651 cost isn't something to turnsrepparttar 143652 option off to you immediately, it's good to weighrepparttar 143653 facts. Everyone is a candidate for laser corrective surgery. There are stages torepparttar 143654 evaluation, includingrepparttar 143655 amount of correction obtainable by corrective eyewear, shape ofrepparttar 143656 eye, health ofrepparttar 143657 eye, and condition ofrepparttar 143658 eye.

Followingrepparttar 143659 evaluation process,repparttar 143660 specialist can determine which type of laser surgery, if any, they would recommend.

The procedure is done as outpatient care. The eyes are anaesthetized and held open. You'll feel some pressure whenrepparttar 143661 laser surgery begins, and you might even experience a few moments of blindness.

Do You Have "Excuse-itis" When Looking for a Job?

Written by Marilyn J. Tellez, M.A.

Do You Have "Excuse-itis" When Looking for a Job?

How many times have you done or heard someon else say: "I don't haverepparttar time, I don't haverepparttar 143044 money, I don't have my family behind me, and on and on"?

This excuse-itis is worse than pro- crastination. Procrastination implies that you will eventually get something done. Excuses, however, are just little fears in disguise. It is hard to approach employers and ask for a job. The big fear comes out ofrepparttar 143045 little one, which is REJECTION.

So, it is easier to complain, tell others that there are no jobs, stay at home doing chores, and fill in time that could be spent contacting others about jobs.

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