Contact Lenses Or Eyeglasses? Which Option Is Best For You?

Written by Steve Cogger

Which is better, eyeglasses or contact lenses?

This bout is scheduled for 5 rounds…

There is no cut and dry answer to this question. While eyeglasses vs contact lenses is not a bout that would sell out Ceasar's Palace, it is of importance to most of us who rely on vision correction.

Becauserepparttar eyeglasses vs contact lenses debate is of such interest to so many, Let's look atrepparttar 151027 general pros and cons for each type of vision correction.

I'll give yourepparttar 151028 facts and you can then decide for yourself which is best for you.

Round 1 - Quality of Vision:

Eyeglasses provide crisp clear and consistent vision straight ahead. There are not many variables to vision throughoutrepparttar 151029 day because with glasses you are looking through a solid piece of plastic.

Contacts give you good straight ahead vision, however it is not as consistent as with glasses. Soft lenses are made of plastics and water and are therefore prone to change with environmental variables. For example, air conditioners and circulated air can cause your lenses to dehydrate leading to blurred vision. To clear your lenses, all you need to do is blink.

Round 2 - Distortions:

Eyeglasses again, give you great crisp vision straight ahead. Anything that is not straight ahead will have an element of distortion. The stronger your correction andrepparttar 151030 more astigmatism you have,repparttar 151031 greaterrepparttar 151032 distortion will be. If you are nearsighted (minus lenses) everything will seem small and far away with glasses. If you are farsighted (plus lenses) everything will appear larger and closer.

Because contact lenses rest directly onrepparttar 151033 eye, distortion is drastically reduced. In fact, people who have high corrections and are new to lenses often take a little time to get used to seeing without distortion. Contacts give you more true to life vision.

Crazy Contact Lenses -- Freak Out Your Friends!

Written by Mike Schwartz

You’ve seen them before either in music videos, in theatre, or maybe even while out shopping. They always get a second and third look. People don’t know what to make of them. Small children either love them or are terrified by them. But that is part of their appeal. They are meant to generate attention and interest. Why else buy crazy contact lenses if you can’t freak a few people out with them?

Crazy contact lenses are contacts that have designs or unique colors imprinted in them to makerepparttar eye stand out or mimic other creatures. There are countless designs of crazy contacts including everything from sport teams’ logos to eyes that appear engulfed in flames. One ofrepparttar 151026 more popular designs is a cat eye with a black pupil.

Though crazy contacts are fun at parties and for special effects, they are still contact lenses and need to be cared for inrepparttar 151027 same manner as you would care for other styles of contacts. This means that they are cleansed regularly withrepparttar 151028 proper cleaning solution. They shouldn’t ever be shared with others. They are not meant to be slept in. And because they should be fitted forrepparttar 151029 specific shape of your eye, crazy contacts should only be acquired via prescription from an eye care practitioner.

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