Consumer Research Continues To Prove The Same Things

Written by Maitiu MacCabe

“Most people never run far enough on their first wind to find out they've got a second.” William James This article is specifically aimed at those selling “behindrepparttar counter”, but is of relevance to all sellers, irrespective of their sector or type of selling. Much research is continually being conducted on selling and buyer behaviour. I have recently hadrepparttar 149117 opportunity to view two such survey outcomes in connection with my sales training work. Both surveys, coincidentally, were conducted on behalf of retail outlet chains. One chain operates inrepparttar 149118 home entertainment sector,repparttar 149119 other is a major home computer retailer.

Traditionally, retail sellers hold a deep internal belief that price isrepparttar 149120 key factor that determines sales success or failure. Despite repeated training, this internal belief exists in many retail sellers- my own experience backs this.

The surveys to which I have referred were virtually identical in their outcomes. Slightly different wordings, butrepparttar 149121 same truths. Andrepparttar 149122 findings of both backuprepparttar 149123 findings of previous similar research.

Buyers purchase onrepparttar 149124 following criteria from outlet sellers (in order of importance): qHelpfulness and Friendliness ( Customer Service), qProduct and Technical Knowledge, qConvenience, qValue for money, qReputation.

11 Powerful Methods of Sales Lead Generation

Written by Jim Klein

Are you searching for new and innovative ways of sales lead generation? Are you lacking in sources of good quality leads? Are you tired and bored usingrepparttar same methods for generating sales leads?

If you answered No to these questions you’re either satisfied withrepparttar 149077 income you’re earning – or you’re not interested in earning a 6-figure income in sales. Please stop reading this article.

If you answered Yes, then you’re going to be very excited to read not only this article butrepparttar 149078 rest ofrepparttar 149079 series I’ve written on sales lead generation.

Here arerepparttar 149080 11 most profitable methods I’ve found for sales lead generation that have turned hundreds of sales people into 6-figure sales people.

Sphere of Influence

Create a list of at least 100 people you know. Send out an introductory letter telling them about your product or service. Talk with each person at least every three months. Send them information of interest at planned intervals throughoutrepparttar 149081 year. Consistently ask for and receive quality referrals. Remember, if each person you know also knows 100 people, well you getrepparttar 149082 idea.

Cold calling

Using cold calling effectively for sales lead generation requires five key ingredients. Targetrepparttar 149083 market you are going to call. Know your objective (get an appointment, get a name). Have a memorized script. Smile. Be prepared for rejection. Have fun!

Knocking on doors

This method is muchrepparttar 149084 same as cold calling. I used this very effectively in real estate. I used to knock on doors year round. Do you think people would remember someone who knocked on their door inrepparttar 149085 middle of winter?


This is another technique that is used effectively in real estate and can be adapted to any product or service. Pick a market of 200 homes or businesses and becomerepparttar 149086 only person they think of in regards to your product or service.


Seminars are great for sales lead generation. People who attend your seminar have an interest inrepparttar 149087 information you are presenting and a need for your product or service.

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