Consultant 2004

Written by Bernard Romanycia


O. S. ARI - Some Anecdodes of Him -he was famous also for his wit and wisdom

Written by eoa uk


“ ...Ari’s voice, full of wit, filledrepparttar room... ” (Mustafa Dogrusoz in ’Kibris’ -5 February 1999)

" ...He always wore a smile... " (Harid Fedai in 'Halkin Sesi' -27 December 1992)

(In his newspaper columns [mostly between 1968-1992 in Cypriot ‘Halkin Sesi’ -also ‘Birlik’ etc.] often by a little story or joke didrepparttar 118212 hailed teacher-thinker-poetrepparttar 118213 late Orhan Seyfi Ari [1918- 1992] made or highlighted his points ~so also in his lectures, debates, discussions, teaching his school pupils. These simply put anecdotes are hoped briefly and miscellaneously to familiarise with his wit and a few ofrepparttar 118214 less involved ofrepparttar 118215 very many views he was also popular for…)

DIPLOMATIC COMMUNIQES, he thought, were rather like broadcasting live onrepparttar 118216 radio a match between two boxers called Abdi and Bandinelli, and announcingrepparttar 118217 winner as Abdinelli…

‘NEVER TOO LATE to change one’s mind or to make a start’ was not of more use to one, sometimes, or to a nation, than it would be torepparttar 118218 driver of a car rolling down a cliff to then decide to drive carefully…

IRRELEVANCY was a natural and common refuge of man ~”You have gone bald!” he joked with a friend who he had not seen for a long time –his friend looked at him, then responded, “Ha..! As if your son’s got more hair than I..!”

THE TROUBLES OF THE WORLD had much to do with this, that some with breathing difficulties had become deep sea divers…

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