Console Strategy

Written by Tim Dilley

I've heard quite a bit aboutrepparttar 50/50 strategy, but it just seems too rigid for me. I'm using what I callrepparttar 146733 flexible strategy that keeps all your console monies "gainfully employed". Some of you may already be doing this.

Let's say that your are starting with $1000 dollars in your ecurrencies. You would processrepparttar 146734 whole $1000 to build up your float. This in turn would result in $1000 in claims. These claims would have DXGlobal ID's starting with O's in your claim records - claims that pay 6% or better.

Next, When an AIX came in, you would use that money to make a claimexchange against one ofrepparttar 146735 claim records that started with an O (it is best to melt these claims). You would then repay dexdebit, outexchange, and claimexchange again. Repeatrepparttar 146736 process untill you have no more claims that start with O's. Finally, Process an outexchange and startrepparttar 146737 process all over again.

How can we minimize the affect of non US currency?"

Written by Tim Dilley

This question was posed to DXinOne withrepparttar following reply.

Even thoughrepparttar 146732 DXG is pegged withrepparttar 146733 USDrepparttar 146734 DXG does in fact float independently and although it may not increase in 24 hours atrepparttar 146735 same rate as some currencies alter, over several weeks this will overcome any negetivity. As each EOS provides a 'new' increased value torepparttar 146736 TDV for all portfolios this increase may not quite be as much as a currency fluctuation of some currencies. Because DXG in itself continues to steadily increase from activity withinrepparttar 146737 DXSystem this forms its own economy and currency value (DXG), which as we have mentioned moves in a positive direction as against other currencies that can move in both directions. A portfolio can still be profitable even while showing a negative value in some or all Symbols and even withrepparttar 146738 'DXPORTFOLIO TOTAL PROFIT'. The initial funds a operator places in a portfolio can be fully withdrawn via DXDebit plus more profit even whilerepparttar 146739 portfolio is showing negative values. This is becauserepparttar 146740 Credit Line still buffersrepparttar 146741 currency changes and charges fromrepparttar 146742 OA Admin fees, premiums etc. andrepparttar 146743 'red' values are only DXPortfolio's profit and this will be different torepparttar 146744 operators 'personal' profit. What this means is that a portfolio is carried by GDT with costs being placed inrepparttar 146745 Credit Line and OA fees can be paid from various options such as DXDebit, Reserve Balance or Available Balance which is from profits provided torepparttar 146746 portfolio to help operate it.

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