Written by Joyce C. Lock

God has moments of anger, like as do we. However, some have misconceptions about His response. There's an unspoken law of consequences betweenrepparttar forces of good and evil, a result of being born into a sinful world.

In observing my daughter, as a very young child, whenever she was disobedient. If I didn't discipline, she'd suddenly become injured or some other mishap. It was as if God was punishing her, or so I thought.

Once God gave me an example of how it really is.

Imagine yourself standing betweenrepparttar 126910 sidewalk and curb. Your hands are wrapped behind your back, tied to a tree. A car is coming and your child runs intorepparttar 126911 street. You've no physical means of reaching that child.

Hearingrepparttar 126912 speeding car, first thoughts come faster than you can verbalize, "No! The car will hurt you!"

You scream a plea, with anything you think might cause that child to change their direction, before it’s too late. That is how it is with God. Were it any other way, He'd have to take away our freedom of choice.

Can You Walk the Walk?

Written by Joyce C. Lock

Can You Walkrepparttar Walk, Talkrepparttar 126909 Talk; Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is?

We’ve all heard phrases that challenged us to greatness. But instead of being challenged, what a difference it could make if we challenged ourselves ... if, every day, we awoke to hopeful expectations; searching for another mountain to climb and obstacle to pass while actually looking forward torepparttar 126910 ruff spots (knowing they’ll only help us grow stronger), to be “all that we can be” and then to be totally contented there, to be determined to make a difference and berepparttar 126911 difference, to reach out to our fellow man, and to look forward to every breath of life God has given.

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