Conquering Interviews with Better Negotiating Skills

Written by Scott Brown

Negotiation is a skill that we all use at some time in our lives. Whether it's with looking for a job, a dispute with a spouse, buying a car or a house, we all have occasions where we have to negotiate.

Keys to Successful Negotiation

Negotiation experts will tell yourepparttar most important aspect in a good negotiation is knowledge. This requires researchingrepparttar 139082 subject you are negotiating about thoroughly. Inrepparttar 139083 case of interviewing,repparttar 139084 more you know aboutrepparttar 139085 industry,repparttar 139086 company, andrepparttar 139087 job ahead of time,repparttar 139088 better. Especially when it comes to negotiating compensation, knowing what other people inrepparttar 139089 same type of position are paid can be very helpful. Negotiating skills can also be helpful in terms of persuading an interviewer that you arerepparttar 139090 right person forrepparttar 139091 job.

Typically, when an employer decides they are going to recruit someone, they base their need on a specific person or a type of person that they have imagined. Ifrepparttar 139092 position is one that previously existed andrepparttar 139093 person who hadrepparttar 139094 position last was good at their job, they are probably envisioningrepparttar 139095 ideal candidate should be just likerepparttar 139096 former employee. Drawing out whatrepparttar 139097 employer is looking for and convincingrepparttar 139098 employer that you would be a good fit requires negotiating skills.

The good news is there are ways that you can research a company, an industry, and compensation beforerepparttar 139099 interview. Doesrepparttar 139100 company look for people who fit a certain profile? How much do people in your position generally get paid inrepparttar 139101 industry? To find out more aboutrepparttar 139102 company or industry, check outrepparttar 139103 Vault Reports web site:

To find out about what other people are being paid inrepparttar 139104 industry, consider getting a Personal Salary report. This is a report that will detail what someone in your position should make in a given industry:

Making New Career Habits and Resolutions Stick

Written by Scott Brown

Whether it's for New Years' or any other time of year, it takes discipline to change your behavior. Many people realize that new habits like attending more networking events or taking on special projects at work could help them get ahead in their careers. Yetrepparttar number of people who follow through with making real changes to their habits is much lower. In this job searching tip, we'll discuss steps you can take to make sure you achieve your goals.


No matter what your goals are, your first step should be to write them down. Writing your goals down gives you a chance to see them on something tangible, which makes them more real. It also gives you an opportunity to think through what you need to do to get to your objective. When writing your goals down, visualize where you want to be ultimately and write outrepparttar 139057 steps you would need to take to get there. For example, if you want to becomerepparttar 139058 manager of your department, it might require that you improve your public speaking skills and that you get noticed byrepparttar 139059 higher-ups. Perhaps being able to participate in social activities like golf outsiderepparttar 139060 workplace but with other important people inrepparttar 139061 office would help you get noticed.

If you're not sure how to get a position you want, you can always try asking someone who hasrepparttar 139062 position already how they got it. This might require attending networking events or working your rolodex to find someone who can give yourepparttar 139063 information you need.

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