Connecting Condi to Edith Bunker

Written by Roger Wright

Connecting Condi and Edith Bunker

Just like Cher or Charo, she only needs one name.


Bursting untorepparttar stage of global foreign policy, black stiletto heels: tight, black leather power outfit. Dominatrix style. She cuts quite a dashing figure, if you read a lot of comic books.

Andrepparttar 113446 picture in that leather outfit finally answersrepparttar 113447 question: "Oh THAT'S what he sees in her."

That picture ofrepparttar 113448 Mistress of Foreign Policy will of course be flashed aboutrepparttar 113449 world. Just another reason for those sitting inrepparttar 113450 town squares ofrepparttar 113451 world to believe thatrepparttar 113452 lame brains we American's put in power have nothing to offer beyond "talking points" that can be summed up on a Power Point presentation.

As that picture, with all it's cheap sex and bully power gets flashed aroundrepparttar 113453 world; I was wondering whatrepparttar 113454 reaction would be whenrepparttar 113455 New York Post was tossed up onrepparttar 113456 front porch of 704 Hauser Street in Queens New York.

I can see, no---I can see and hear--America's first, best TV bigot Archie Bunker opening up his paper, eyes widening as he sees Condi inrepparttar 113457 Catwoman outfit, "Aw geez Edith, would ya look at this!"

Edith would shuffle over, look down atrepparttar 113458 paper Archie was holding, as he stood in back of his chair, and she would say something like: "Ohhh my. . . . ."

And inrepparttar 113459 pure unadulterated genius of these two master actors, Carroll O'Connor and Jean Stapleton.; everything that needed to be said about just how bizarrely wrong on so many levels, wasrepparttar 113460 fact that Condi even had this job. That's all you need when actors are that good. A word or two andrepparttar 113461 expression on their faces. No analysis, punditry, or fair and balanced "news." Just Archie and Edith commenting on Condi.

And asrepparttar 113462 morning got going in Queens, it would of course be Edith who provided perhapsrepparttar 113463 best picture of whyrepparttar 113464 Condi story was just so wrong.

Those of a certain age, who remember "All Inrepparttar 113465 Family" andrepparttar 113466 ripples that it made all across American culture inrepparttar 113467 1970's when it first came on; will remember this. And maybe there are those who could pick it up inrepparttar 113468 reruns should you be fortunate enough to watch these two master artists do their work. I can't point to a specific episode, maybe someone who reads this can and leave a description in this blogs comments. But there lies in that wonderful Edith Bunkerrepparttar 113469 big clue to understanding why Condi is so wrong, wrong even beyond laughter and derision.


Written by BobbyBabes99

If Terri Schiavo,repparttar severely brain-damaged Florida woman, was your child, how easy would it be for you to watch her die from lack of water and food. If she has feelings enough to smile with her mother, then she might also have feelings enough to feelrepparttar 113445 pain of dying in this manner. Even our worst criminal offenders are fed and given water until they die. Does a harmless, helpless person deserve any less? If our Government can afford to spend millions of taxpayers' dollars feeding immigrants

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