Connecting Chicago and the Image of the Virgin Mary

Written by Roger Wright

Dancing Underrepparttar Expressway

The apostles came up and said torepparttar 135409 Master,” Give us more faith” Butrepparttar 135410 Master said “You don’t need more faith. There is no ‘More” or “less” in faith. If you have a bare kernel of faith, sayrepparttar 135411 size of a poppy seed, you could say to this sycamore tree, “Go jump inrepparttar 135412 lake” and it would do it. From Luke 17. “The Message” translation.

Not far from where Chicago’s Kennedy Expressway paved overrepparttar 135413 apartment at 1523 West Wabansia Avenue where Nelson Algren and Simone deBeauvoir would wander home late at night fromrepparttar 135414 neighborhood tap; an mage ofrepparttar 135415 Virgin Mary appeared onrepparttar 135416 concrete wall beneath whererepparttar 135417 Kennedy crosses Fullerton Parkway

Obdulia Delgado was on her way home from work atrepparttar 135418 hospital. And as she drove down Fullerton Parkway beneathrepparttar 135419 Kennedy, traffic thundering above onrepparttar 135420 concrete artery connecting O’Hare Airport withrepparttar 135421 towers of downtown Chicago; she looked atrepparttar 135422 wall and immediately pulled on over. If you putrepparttar 135423 image, drawn in salt stained runoff fromrepparttar 135424 highway above, if you put it next to an image ofrepparttar 135425 Virgin of Guadalupe you’d have a pretty close match.

Viewed throughrepparttar 135426 lens of a camerarepparttar 135427 image becomes even sharper,repparttar 135428 lines distinct and close to clear. Obdulia Delgado fell to her knees and began to pray.

And then---because this is Chicago, forever and always a cross roads; while Obdulia knelt and prayed andrepparttar 135429 traffic zoomed by and roared overhead--- at a train station just a little bit south nearrepparttar 135430 loop, a tall, serene and radiant black man carrying a battered saxophone case stepped down offrepparttar 135431 train and throughrepparttar 135432 railroad steps of smoke and time. Finally having found that one perfect sound he had sought during all his time on earth; John Coltrane found his way to that underpass, knelt down next to Obdulia to lift his gleaming golden horn from its case, stood up tall, closed his eyes and began withrepparttar 135433 two perfect bell shaped notes of a piece he called: Dear Lord.

John Coltrane’s “Dear Lord” echoed out from that underpass, along withrepparttar 135434 news of what Obdulia found onrepparttar 135435 wall, that perfect sound heading off towards Division Street. Algren hears and he wanders up to Fullerton to have himself a look.

A slight bespectacled man, a counterpoint torepparttar 135436 massive presence of Coltrane, Algren stands off torepparttar 135437 side to watchrepparttar 135438 fun begin. Knowing now that when he shows up: others will follow. Algren listens and he watches and remembers a letter he tossed off once to a man, a Korean War vet who wrote to ask about what it was like to write “Man with a Golden Arm.” Algren replied torepparttar 135439 man:

“But there were never days when I felt I wouldn't complete it. I knew that, unlessrepparttar 135440 army got me again or a Buick bumped me, I'd get a story put together, because I hadrepparttar 135441 parts to put together. My self-doubts weren't concerned with whether it would be completed, but only whether it would say anything, and say it well, as nobody else could ever have said it, when it was done. All those things came true, to a limited degree, so I feel it was a lucky book, and a lucky time now past, and I was lucky to write it.”

Algren laughs to himself, standing underneath that bridge---knowing now that it was not aboutrepparttar 135442 luck. And when Algren chuckles, Coltrane stops for just an instant and joins inrepparttar 135443 laugh---seeing Coltrane smile, much less laugh—like some sort of miracle or something!

In that instant ofrepparttar 135444 pause andrepparttar 135445 chuckle: two new Chicago wanderers: this time fromrepparttar 135446 South side join in underneath that bridge. Appearing first with a scowl, till somebody fromrepparttar 135447 crowd that is beginning to build around that image ofrepparttar 135448 Virgin shouts out, “Yo Studs Lonnigan, you kissinrepparttar 135449 old dump goodbye?”

And when he hears those words, James T. Farrell breaks out in a crooked Irish grin, and as soon as Farrell smiles a new piece of music, dredged up as ifrepparttar 135450 land itself,repparttar 135451 dirt andrepparttar 135452 sweat andrepparttar 135453 layers of time could come bursting throughrepparttar 135454 cement in a four bar blues, massive guitar and voice of allrepparttar 135455 earth---McKinley Morganfield, Muddy Waters says,

“C’mon baby don’t you want to go? C’mon baby don’t you want to go? Back to that same old place. Sweet home Chicago

As Muddy waters just roars,repparttar 135456 crowd grows even bigger.

A weary wandering con men, over there inrepparttar 135457 corner by himself, 57 year old Harry stumbles in fromrepparttar 135458 deserted bleachers of a cold September Cubs game, his last name L-U-M tattooed in purple onrepparttar 135459 back of his hand. Stepping out of Millers Pub underneathrepparttar 135460 El Tracks on Wabash, belly full of beer and more gut level smarts about what mattered to people thanrepparttar 135461 next six generations of baseball executives would have, Bill Veeck hobbled over to join inrepparttar 135462 crowd.

Fall of a Nation

Written by Rev.Anthony Smith

Fall of a Nation by Anthony Smith

Jeremiah 51:6-51:18

The Fall of a Nation, Babylon is Fallen. Isrepparttar United States , Spiritual Babylon ? Jer.51:6-18. I read an articalrepparttar 135356 other day, concerningrepparttar 135357 vast wealth of America andrepparttar 135358 massive influence that she has overrepparttar 135359 rest ofrepparttar 135360 world. Most banking systems are located in New York City, Gold ,Silver, Diamonds and all manner of costly stones and commerce is located here. International travel is centered here andrepparttar 135361 major religions aroundrepparttar 135362 world look at her. Most commentators look atrepparttar 135363 Kingdom ofrepparttar 135364 Chaldes as Babylon, which is probably correct, but we are looking at spiritual Babylon. Syria, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Russia, China all combined together, constitute a spiritual and physical Babylon, because ofrepparttar 135365 vast wealth and resources they poses. In my opinion these will in time constitute a great threat to Israel and her soventry and safety. Russia will try to exploit Israel as she prospers, and according to prophecy, Israel will bloom. China will, collaborate with Syria andrepparttar 135366 rest ofrepparttar 135367 nations, underrepparttar 135368 leadership ofrepparttar 135369 anti-christ, to destroy Israel, atrepparttar 135370 battle of Armageddon. The question here is, America, spiritual Babylon. Inrepparttar 135371 past 60 years, America has becomerepparttar 135372 center of commerce, and religion. She has been dubbed,repparttar 135373 Golden one of all nations, for wealth power and knowledge. Knowledge has been increased, we can even clone animals, probably even people. All Nations are jealous of her and have become drunk on her way of life. You’ve herd other nations talk aboutrepparttar 135374 western influence, on clothes, movies, music, food, and freedom, their talking aboutrepparttar 135375 things that America offersrepparttar 135376 world. The United States Supreme Court in 1865 , stated that this Nation was “CHRISTIAN” and owed everything to its creator. What has happened sense to change such a dramatic statement? Have we forgotten our Creator, have we forgotten all that He has done for us? Lets look at some scripture, then you can decide for yourself. Jer. 51:6-18, “BABYLON HATH BEEN A GOLDEN CUP IN THE lORDS HAND,that made allrepparttar 135377 earth drunken;the nations have drunk of her wine;thereforerepparttar 135378 nations are mad. ,.....WE would have healed Babylon, but she is not healed; forsake her and let us go everyone into his own country....for His device is against Babylon to destroy it...” This is a nation of power, a nation of influence, a nation of back-sliders, a nation that has turned

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