Congenital Heart Disease - A Conundrum

Written by Daniel Morris

To reduce your chances of heart disease, you can eat a low fat diet high in Omega 3, take regular exercise, lose weight and do all those other thingsrepparttar doctors tell us BUT…..

Consider my family….

Paternal Grandfather – first heart attack in his fifties, eventually died of a stroke atrepparttar 151031 unripe age of 67.

Maternal Grandfather – first heart attack in his forties and died of a heart attack again aged 67.

Father – died very suddenly atrepparttar 151032 tender age of 65 – you guessed it - from a massive heart attack having never shown any sign of heart trouble until that point.

Mother – suffered from acute angina since her late forties. She is now 60 and takes a cocktail of drugs daily to controlrepparttar 151033 symptoms

Maternal Uncle – suffered a heart attack atrepparttar 151034 age of forty and has been effectively disabled ever since.

Nothing I can do about any of these factors and yet hereditary factors are thought to play a significant part inrepparttar 151035 development ofrepparttar 151036 disease. Afterrepparttar 151037 death of my father in 2002, I really began to question my lifestyle and turned into a health obsessed freak. The stress of this took my blood pressure to 140 over 90 and I was doing more harm to my body than good. I had to re-examinerepparttar 151038 whole situation.

The big question is this: should I eat ultra sensibly, exercise rigorously, cut outrepparttar 151039 alcohol (fortunately I have not smoked for nearly 8 years) and eat my way through a forest of plant sterols and generally be miserable, or bow torepparttar 151040 inevitable and enjoy whatever time I have left before my heart packs in?

Superb Skin Disorder Relief found in Common Diaper Rash Ointment

Written by C. Bailey-Lloyd/LadyCamelot

"Accidental" discoveries are made each day. Common substances can sometimes be utilized for other purposes in which they were initially intended. One of these common substances, also known asrepparttar widely-used diaper rash ointment, (specifically) -- Dr. Sheffield's Diaper Rash ointment, a mostly natural compound composed of zinc oxide and vitamins A and D, standardly used for diaper rash, minor skin irritations and chafed skin.

Inrepparttar 151030 past, I had used this ointment for specified purposes, and also, for hot-spots on my Chinese Sharpeis. Chinese Sharpeis are prone to skin disorders that cause major irritation torepparttar 151031 skin. After trying several veteranarian medications, cortizone sprays and other topical solutions, I wanted to try something that wasn't harsh on my animals' hide and that would work proficiently without common side effects of most steroidal antidotes. After seeing what Dr. Sheffield's Diaper rash ointment could do for a infant's bottom, I figured it was worth a shot. To my amazement,repparttar 151032 skin irritations on my animals began to dissipate withrepparttar 151033 use of this ointment.

Now, beside being an antidotal ointment for common skin irritations on animals and humans alike, I inadvertantly discovered two new reasons to use Dr. Sheffield's Diaper Rash Ointment.

Because I am fair complected (I have blond hair and blue eyes.), I have been prone to two, major skin disorders. One being that I burn easily andrepparttar 151034 second -- I am susceptible to acne breakouts due to my combination skin. Throughrepparttar 151035 years, I had used every marketable, over-the-counter and prescription creams and ointments for both problems. From Aloe to hormone pills -- all to no avail.

Living inrepparttar 151036 deep South can take its toll on one's physical appearance due to long, hot summers with high UV counts. It was one summer, in particular, that I suffered a horrendous sunburn. The sunburn was so bad thatrepparttar 151037 pain was unbearable. Other than taking ibuprofen for pain, I didn't know what to do aboutrepparttar 151038 ruddy chaffing and near-blistering skin. Aloe helped, but it still didn't quite relieverepparttar 151039 aching, burning skin. Searching my bathroom cabinets, I came across Dr. Sheffield's Diaper Rash Ointment. On a hunch, I retrievedrepparttar 151040 compound and applied some to my skin. Forrepparttar 151041 first time in years, I could literally feelrepparttar 151042 "..Ahhh..." in sunburn relief. Naturally, from that day on, I began using this ointment for sunburns -- not only for myself, but for other members of my family as well.

I never connected Dr. Sheffield's Diaper Rash Ointment to acne treatment, but overrepparttar 151043 years, I would soon discover a miracle cure. Over two decades, I had suffered from acne breakouts and had attempted every skincare product onrepparttar 151044 market for acne. I tried products that contained collagen and more expensive lotions, ointments and creams that were derived from retinol-A. Although retinol-A did work very well for acne, there were two downsides. One problem withrepparttar 151045 retinol-A was that it caused redness and inflammation ofrepparttar 151046 skin after proloned usage, and my personal objection to retinol-A was its high cost. Eventually, I stopped using these products because they were inefficient -- either due to cost or their ineffectiveness to "cure" or aid my skin condition.

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