Configuring Email Addresses

Written by Stephen Cope

When configuring an email client it is important to set uprepparttar correct email addresses. Here we will look at email address set up that is generally applicable to all email clients (outlook express, IncrediMail) and all email providers -POP3 mailboxes, Yahoo email, Msn Hotmail

When you set up an email client like outlook express for accessing POP3 mailboxes, Yahoo email, Msn Hotmail or any other service provider you will be confronted with a screen asking for display name, email address,reply address.

The important fields are :

Display Name: This is usually your name or nickname and will appear on your email inrepparttar 148797 from address. Inrepparttar 148798 Example above steve

Email Address: This isrepparttar 148799 email address given to you by your email provider. Inrepparttar 148800 example above steve@....... (left bank here because of email harvesting). The email address is usually associated with a physical mailbox.

Reply address: This isrepparttar 148801 email address Thatrepparttar 148802 recipient will reply to and is either blank or set torepparttar 148803 same address asrepparttar 148804 Email address-The effect isrepparttar 148805 same. Inrepparttar 148806 example above it is set to berepparttar 148807 same asrepparttar 148808 Email address.

Reply Address Different From Email

Normally you set uprepparttar 148809 email and reply address to berepparttar 148810 same. There is however a case for setting them to be different and that is normally when you have changed email providers but have retained your old email address. In order to retain your email address you need to ownrepparttar 148811 domain name and this is covered in more detail in a guide to email addresses and lifetime email addresses. Assuming for now that your addresses are as follows:



lifetime email address:

You would set up your email client (outlook express , IncrediMail) as follows:

Set up for old ISP

DISplay Name: steve

Email Address:

Reply address:

3 proven ways you can boost sales with autoresponders

Written by Chad Cook

3 proven ways you can boost sales with autoresponders

Many people associate autoresponders with emails. They are not mistaken anyway but for this piece of auto pilot programs are more than emails. Autoresponders are tools that can be used in a variety of ways to grow and skyrocketrepparttar sales of a business. Remember that, sale does not only involverepparttar 148622 mounting of an ecommerce site, putting up a shopping cart and then getting buyers to make choices. It involves constant, well-crafted and sophiscated interaction with customers.

In this article, we look at 5 effective ways you can use autoresponders to generate six figure incomes for your website.

Publishing an ezine

Autoresponders which haverepparttar 148623 broadcast capabilities can be used as a cost effective means to create mailing lists to which you can periodically send your readers ezines. Ezines haverepparttar 148624 great value of preparingrepparttar 148625 minds of your prospective buyers for a purchase. It is a good platform from which you can launch your product or service, or explain how your business works. The more informed your customers are,repparttar 148626 more they will buy from you.

If you are publishing ezines, it will serve you best to first offer a sample content. This way, prospective readers can have a preview ofrepparttar 148627 actual ezines and then be able to getrepparttar 148628 needed urge to readrepparttar 148629 full ezine orrepparttar 148630 real one to follow.

Article distribution

You can use autoresponders to distribute your articles. Articles in which you have embedded your product links are an excellent way to boost sales. There are two reasons for this: First, an article is more explanatory and friendly than a sales letter. Secondly, an article can surreptitiously suggest torepparttar 148631 reader to buy a product or patronize a service indirectly. The most important point for publishing articles arerepparttar 148632 confidence and authority with whichrepparttar 148633 readers associaterepparttar 148634 writer. If your readers find your articles informative and useful, they will tend to like your opinions and recommendationsí resulting in greater sale of your products.

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