Confident Rapport

Written by Seth Parker

What Is Confident Rapport? The majority of theories on how to pick up girls were compiled by guys who had problems with women and tried to get better. Therein liesrepparttar very nature ofrepparttar 105882 problems with most theory. They all assume that you, going over torepparttar 105883 girl, have less value then her. By assuming this, you're forced to play a role of lower value. Why on earth are you assuming you are worth less thenrepparttar 105884 girl? I don't care how hot she is!

This is especially true ofrepparttar 105885 rapport versus attraction theory. The theory is: assuming you have two glasses that you need to fill attraction and rapport,repparttar 105886 attraction glass must be filled before she will pay attention to your rapport. Well this theory suffers greatly from 'my rapport isn't high enough value for her to listen to.

What your saying is that you have to WORK for her ATTENTION. By thinking this, you PLAY intorepparttar 105887 role of having less value. Let me put it to you this way, if you are a nerd and you walk over to a hot girl and she says "bug off," you're probably going to turn around and walk away right? Then your going to come up with strategies to make her pay attention. Now what if you were better looking then Brad Pitt, had more money then Donald Trump, and she said that. You would probably laugh. And she would respond differently because you responded differently.

You see allrepparttar 105888 outer problems stem from internal responses. What you believe shapes your reality. And if you believe you need to fill an attraction glass- that you need to fight for her attention you are falling intorepparttar 105889 frame that you are inherently NOT good enough.

Well my friend, this is BASED on FALSE assumptions that you are not good enough and therefore must get her interested. If you assume anything at all- instead assume she loves to hear your rapport and get to know you. All people WANT- NEED to be loved. they just have filters. You should assume your better thenrepparttar 105890 guys she filters out, and laugh away any resistance. Why bother juggling and dancing, and doing all kinds of routines just to get her attention. Respond differently to resistance, respond with confidence and you can forgetrepparttar 105891 two glass theory. How you respond to her should MAKE her interested by displaying a stronger reality.

Be Selfish and Save the World

Written by David Parton

Why do we help others? There is a whole lot of pain and poverty, illness and despair inrepparttar world. I can't speak for you but I would like to make a difference and improverepparttar 105881 quality of life for others. Volunteer work is a great way to begin.

No single person can changerepparttar 105882 entire world but you can have an impact onrepparttar 105883 lives of others in your own corner ofrepparttar 105884 universe. That, in a small way, changesrepparttar 105885 world ever so slightly. Multiply that by a billion and it is a brave new world. How many times have you heard people say " You can't changerepparttar 105886 world. You are just one person?" It begins with one. Forget all that nonsenserepparttar 105887 defeatists choose to fill there heads with. That's their business. The contents of your head is all that matters.

Your happiness counts. How can you share your happiness if you have none to share? You can't be happy if you put others happiness ahead of your own. You have to put yourself first in order to haverepparttar 105888 tools to affect change.

I don't know how many people I have met that speak of allrepparttar 105889 hungry people ofrepparttar 105890 world living in poverty. And how they dream of helping them. These are people that are wallowing in consumer debt,repparttar 105891 working poor, just inches away from bankruptcy. They want to help others when they cannot even dream of themselves living in prosperity. Such noble nonsense.

If you want to help your family, help your community or changerepparttar 105892 world, you have to help yourself first. You have to be selfish for pete's sake! It's not a sin or a crime to put yourself first. You have to lead by example. Nobody chooses to followrepparttar 105893 disempowered.

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