Confessions Of An Elephant Eater

Written by John Colanzi

How do I like my Elephant?

With fried onions and ketchup of course.

I'm only joking. The real question is "How Do You Eat An Elephant?"

One bite at a time.

I don't actually eat elephants. The elephant is a metaphor for big goals. So "How Do You Accomplish Big Goals?"

One bite at a time.

In my last article I asked you to set goals that are big. To reach forrepparttar stars. But I know sometimes big goals can be overwhelming.

You need to aim forrepparttar 117849 stars and once you've got your goal in place, your next step is to break it down.

Let's set a simple goal to start with. You're bored with repparttar 117850 nine to five ... you're tired of your boss ... you want to take a year off to enjoy life.

How are we going to break this baby down?

Since our goal is to have enough profits online to take a year off from work and really get this internet puppy going, let's shoot for 24 hours of freedom.

If you divided your yearly expenses by 365 days, what would you need to earn 24 hours of freedom?

Let's make it simple, you need $100 a day to survive. Some of you may need less, I'm sure many of you will need more. The decision is yours.

How a Simple Kitchen Timer Gave Me Back My Life!

Written by Mary Wilkey

All kinds of stuff was piling up—on my desk, inrepparttar kitchen—in fact, in every room inrepparttar 117848 house. Then I discoveredrepparttar 117849 power of . . .repparttar 117850 timer!

Now my motto is: Set it and forget it! (Where have I heard that before?)

It really seemed too simple a solution to solve what had become an overwhelming problem: how to fit allrepparttar 117851 work I have to do, need to do, must do, and wish to do into one twenty-four hour period and still have any time left to do anything halfway resembling "fun." (What's that, anyway?)

Butrepparttar 117852 fact ofrepparttar 117853 matter is that it IS just that SIMPLE! First, I get all ofrepparttar 117854 routine out ofrepparttar 117855 way: shower, exercise, grooming, prayer or meditation, breakfast, etc.

Finally atrepparttar 117856 computer, I setrepparttar 117857 timer—usually for half an hour. When it "dings" I get up and maybe transfer some laundry torepparttar 117858 dryer. (I'm one of those rare and lucky women who is married to an exceptional man who usually at least startsrepparttar 117859 laundry, and on a daily basis, so we never have laundry piled up.)

Just a little "mini" break fromrepparttar 117860 computer, but it does several things: (1) It allows me to tend torepparttar 117861 little mundane tasks that otherwise get put off. (2) It truly is repparttar 117862 "pause that refreshes," as doing so prevents me from developing carpal tunnel or that horrible pain between repparttar 117863 shoulders that so many women suffer from. (3) It getsrepparttar 117864 blood circulating in my legs and preventsrepparttar 117865 varicose veins or phlebitis that sometimes develop in those who sit a lot. (4) It helps rev up my metabolism, just moving around a bit.

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