Condo-Hotels – A New Second-Home Alternative to Time Shares

Written by Leon Altman

Condo-hotels have evolved as a better, more reliable second home alternative to time-shares. They are usually attractive, high-rise hotels onrepparttar ocean or in other prime locations, and range in price fromrepparttar 139681 mid $200,000s to over 1 million, depending onrepparttar 139682 size, location, and amenities.

Many ofrepparttar 139683 biggest names inrepparttar 139684 hotel industry have condo-hotel buildings, including Hilton, Four Seasons, Clarion, and Ritz-Carlton. Donald Trump has numerous condo- hotel facilities acrossrepparttar 139685 country, including a building in Fort Lauderdale and another in Sunny Isles, Florida.

In general, condo-hotel properties have been highly successful with all or nearly all units selling out within months ofrepparttar 139686 first offering. For example,repparttar 139687 Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne is a beachfront property with 188 condo-hotel units, all of which sold out a year beforerepparttar 139688 building was even finished. Needless to say,repparttar 139689 values ofrepparttar 139690 condo-hotels in this building have gone up significantly.

There are several reasons forrepparttar 139691 popularity of condo-hotels. When you purchase a property, you purchase a condo unit inrepparttar 139692 hotel. Unlike a time share, you have access torepparttar 139693 property whenever you want, and it is put into a rental pool when you are not in residence. Although developers can’t guaranteerepparttar 139694 properties will rent, management by a well-known hospitality group will typically result in several weeks of rental income. This is one ofrepparttar 139695 biggest appeals of condo-hotels becauserepparttar 139696 rental income can offset some ofrepparttar 139697 costs of owning a vacation property.

In addition,repparttar 139698 management company takes care of rentingrepparttar 139699 unit, using their connections and expertise. You don’t have to worry about any of these details. Most rental agreements splitrepparttar 139700 income 50/50 betweenrepparttar 139701 management company andrepparttar 139702 owner. However, some properties offer more favorable arrangements, and this is another aspect to consider when deciding which property to purchase.

Artistic Exhibit Embraces Indiana’s Past & Present

Written by By Melody Schubert

A picture paints a thousand words. The beauty of art is that an artist can provoke emotion with several brush strokes. For each person who viewsrepparttar paintingrepparttar 139645 feelings and memories will be unique. Indiana is home to many extraordinary artists like T.C. Steele. Atrepparttar 139646 Indiana Historical Society we explored one ofrepparttar 139647 many wonderful exhibits called The Art of Healing.

The Art of Healing took us back to explorerepparttar 139648 work of sixteen prominent Indiana artists including T.C. Steele, Carl Graf, Otto Starke. These artists contributed to a mammoth project 1914 resulting in an estimated quarter mile of artwork. Hidden withinrepparttar 139649 confines of one ofrepparttar 139650 nation's oldest county hospitals in Indiana were a series of historic and unprecedented of mural paintings.

A painting can take you back to happier days. The Wishard art collection of murals originally celebratedrepparttar 139651 opening ofrepparttar 139652 new wings for patients withinrepparttar 139653 hospital. Artists who worked on this extensive creative project also slept and ate atrepparttar 139654 hospital. What they created were priceless pieces of art that helped liftrepparttar 139655 spirits of patients. Project supervisor and famous Hoosier artist William Forsyth regarded this work as "the most ambitious and monumental work yet undertaken by Indianapolis artists." Artists represented inrepparttar 139656 collection include William Forsyth, Wayman Adams, William Edouard Scott, J. Ottis Adams and T.C. Steele.

The exhibit raised awareness ofrepparttar 139657 restoration needs to preserve these timeless pieces of art. Patrons who visitrepparttar 139658 History Market gift shop inrepparttar 139659 Indiana History Center continue to supportrepparttar 139660 project. Each tax-deductible donation or purchase of calendar’s, note cards, magnets, and screensavers related torepparttar 139661 exhibit atrepparttar 139662 gift shop helpsrepparttar 139663 continuing efforts to restore and preserve these cherished paintings. Once restored,repparttar 139664 murals and paintings will return torepparttar 139665 public areas of Wishard Memorial Hospital, Indiana's leading public hospital.

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