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MP3 Music Downloads--Your Guide to Creating Personal Packages

Written by Larry Denton

MP3 music downloads have takenrepparttar music world by storm. In 2004, legal music downloads, worldwide, increased tenfold to more than 200 million. Withrepparttar 135829 ease of downloading your favorite tunes directly onto your computer and then burning your own CD, people have really acceptedrepparttar 135830 MP3 format for music downloads.

MP3 music downloads work very simply. Find a site that offers MP3 music downloads--there are hundreds of sites offering free music and there are subscription sites available as well (just searchrepparttar 135831 Web for your personal favorite)--scanrepparttar 135832 inventory of songs available, selectrepparttar 135833 songs or albums you want, and click on it to download it to your computer.

Truthfully, why do people download music fromrepparttar 135834 Internet? To hear NEW music that is not available in any other form or to listen to records that have been deleted byrepparttar 135835 big label companies and are no longer available for purchase. The primary goal is not to save $5 inrepparttar 135836 used CD bin at your local record shop, but to hear music they simply can not find any place else. And let's face it--most people don't want to spend $17.95 to experiment on a CD they may not like or a CD that has only one good track.

Who gets hurt by Internet downloads. Besides a very few super-stars like Celine Dion, not many. In fact most artists actually benefit. The primary way that an artist becomes famous and successful is through exposure. Without exposure, no one buys tickets to concerts, no one buys CDs, no one buysrepparttar 135837 T-shirts, beer mugs or posters. Downloading music gives an opportunity torepparttar 135838 newcomers and those struggling to make it "big."

Whilerepparttar 135839 Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) sheds crocodile tears overrepparttar 135840 file-sharing programs they claim "rip off"repparttar 135841 recording artists,repparttar 135842 truth is, on average, a musician makes 41 cents on each CD sold. The record shops earn a couple of bucks per CD, andrepparttar 135843 greedy record companies accumulate astronomical and shameful profits.

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