Concert Packages – why seeing your favourite band shouldn’t be a hassle...

Written by Robin Richmond

Although many of us don’t like to admit it going to see a concert can sometimes be more trouble than its worth. While it certainly isn’t very “rock and roll” to tell your friends that you don’t fancy getting stuck with thousands of other sweaty people atrepparttar back of a concert you can’t even hear,repparttar 144725 fact remains that there are better ways to spend an evening.

To be honest, when you start to think about it there is many things about concerts that are simply not fun! For starters, unless you want to spend a fruitless morning at work hittingrepparttar 144726 ‘last number re-dial’ button or getting up at an inhumane hour ofrepparttar 144727 day to queue outsiderepparttar 144728 ticket office – you may struggle to getrepparttar 144729 best seats inrepparttar 144730 house. You can try booking online but most ofrepparttar 144731 timerepparttar 144732 website starts crashing due torepparttar 144733 high traffic volumes or your work server won’t let you accessrepparttar 144734 site inrepparttar 144735 first place!

Inrepparttar 144736 end you pay a substantial amount of money for a ticket in row ZZX next to two moaning teenagers escorted by their parents. By this point I bet you are feeling really “rock and roll”. Byrepparttar 144737 timerepparttar 144738 concert finishes you have had to listen torepparttar 144739 crowd sing for two hours becauserepparttar 144740 band is so far away and haverepparttar 144741 prospective of a two hour drive in front of you just to get a mile away fromrepparttar 144742 stadium due torepparttar 144743 high traffic volumes. All this and you haven’t even had a drink...

By this time you are thinking that you never want to go to a concert again – but wait... What happened torepparttar 144744 exciting concerts of your youth? Great atmosphere, great music, no problems. Surely these days aren’t gone forever? Wellrepparttar 144745 good news is these days aren’t gone, as long as you get organised – or let a third party dorepparttar 144746 organisation for you.

Cruise Alaska: From the Big Blue Sea

Written by Adam Lenk

There's no better way to take inrepparttar explosive panorama of Alaska than fromrepparttar 144598 deck of a cruise ship. Let Alaska's wildlife and amazing sea and landscapes surround you in all its grace while you sit back and indulge in all kinds of cruise ship pampering.

Rise early and witnessrepparttar 144599 soul-shaking rumble and crack of glacier shards as they drop into Alaska's jade green waters, and then duck inside for a croissant and a cup of joe. Spy a brown bear hunting salmon or a harbor seal catching some rays while you soak uprepparttar 144600 sun on deck in a chaise lounge with that book you've been longing to read.

Gaze intorepparttar 144601 soar of bald eagles while sipping tea poolside. Spot whales spouting and tail flipping while taking a stroll onrepparttar 144602 top deck after your five-course meal inrepparttar 144603 dining room. Watchrepparttar 144604 dance of porpoises alongside ship as you enjoy a midnight sunset. All this inrepparttar 144605 middle ofrepparttar 144606 big blue sea and only in Alaska

Once your ship pulls up to land, you're in for a whole other adventure. Take excursions by train, tramway, canoe, kayak, or floatplane in Alaska's seaside cities like Skagway, Anchorage, Ketchikan, Sitka, Haines, or Juneau. Investigate these quaint towns, appreciate totem poles and local crafts and artwork from Alaska's indigenous people and buy souvenir replicas.

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