Computer e-waste recycling now fueled by lack of Australian legislation.

Written by David Allman

Motivated byrepparttar lack of Australian government legislation and limited options available concerningrepparttar 110084 disposal of computer e-waste, IT Recyclers has initiated a much needed computer recycling service aimed primarily at Sydney business who wish to play an essential part in reducing computer landfill.

Due to an affluent lifestyle and a growing population, Australia isrepparttar 110085 world’s second largest waste creator afterrepparttar 110086 United States, according torepparttar 110087 Federal Department of Environment. Compared to countries such asrepparttar 110088 US, Japan and parts of Europe, Australia is yet to introduce significant national legislation that would help reducerepparttar 110089 amount of computer waste ending up in landfill. Australia’s emerging computer recycling industry, such as IT Recyclers, can’t remain solely responsible for managing e-waste, state and federal governments must also take an active role.

“The rate of technology is moving so fast, businesses as well as consumers tend to update their computer equipment on average every 3 years,” said David Allman - IT Recyclers business founder.

Tsunami Tsupport

Written by Gary Whittaker

Inrepparttar wake of what can be arguably calledrepparttar 110083 world's greatest act of God inrepparttar 110084 new millenium, we have also been witness to what can be equally argued asrepparttar 110085 world's greatest act of charity asrepparttar 110086 United Nations have received over 4 Billion dollars of aid meant for Southeast Asia. With so much money to counter in even greater need, one thing we must learn from this is what to do next time. The tragedy continues to escalate, and what can be more tragic now, with aid so close away, it can't even get to most ofrepparttar 110087 people that need it. Canada must be commended for it's deployment ofrepparttar 110088 DART team. DART (Disaster Assistance Response Team) is comprised of 43 person medical team, and has a water purification equipment. While they are not equiped to handle major trauma or surgical needs, they can treat secondary ailments relating to unsanitary conditions. However,repparttar 110089 DART team, like most ofrepparttar 110090 assistance sent byrepparttar 110091 world's nations, cannot even reach torepparttar 110092 people sincerepparttar 110093 roads are still blocked. The idea behindrepparttar 110094 DART team is what is important. There is no reason why other countries work together and create other DART teams, that can both enhancerepparttar 110095 one Canada has, or focus on other potential problem areas. Measures must be taken that are common for most disasters. Getting a secure location, making a path to reachrepparttar 110096 affected areas for both containment, and pulling out survivors, treatingrepparttar 110097 wounded, and feedingrepparttar 110098 people. It has been over 2 weeks sincerepparttar 110099 incident, and still people have no help. Groups impersonating relief organisations seemed to have profitedrepparttar 110100 most, and they have made an unestimated amount of money from unsuspecting samaritans.

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