Computer Security - What Exactly Is It?

Written by Ciontescu Molie

Althoughrepparttar term 'computer security' is used a lot,repparttar 136003 content of a computer is actually vulnerable to only a few risks unlessrepparttar 136004 computer is connected to others on a network. Asrepparttar 136005 use of computer networks (especiallyrepparttar 136006 Internet) has increased dramatically duringrepparttar 136007 past few years,repparttar 136008 term computer security is now used to describe issues referring torepparttar 136009 networked use of computers and their resources.

The major technical areas of computer security are confidentiality, integrity and authentication/availability. - Confidentiality, also known as secrecy or privacy, means thatrepparttar 136010 information you own cannot be accessed by unauthorized parties. Breaches of confidentiality range fromrepparttar 136011 embarrassing torepparttar 136012 disastrous. - Integrity means that your information is protected against unauthorized changes that are undetectable to authorized users. The integrity of databases and other resources are usually compromised through hacking. - Authentication means that an user is who he claims to be. - Availability means thatrepparttar 136013 resources are accessible by authorized parties. Examples of availability attacks arerepparttar 136014 'denial of service' attacks.

Other important things thatrepparttar 136015 computer security professionals are concerned about are access control and nonrepudiation. Access control refer not only torepparttar 136016 fact that users can only accessrepparttar 136017 resources and services they are entitled to, but also torepparttar 136018 fact that they can't be denied to accessrepparttar 136019 resources they legitimately expect. Nonrepudiation means that a person who sends a message cannot deny he sent it and vice versa.

FocusStor, launches a new data backup & recovery software

Written by Marc Bulot


Montreal, Canada, April 28, 2005

FocusStor, Online Data Backup & Recovery (,repparttar leading Canadian provider of disk-based backup and recovery solutions for small businesses since 1985, today released their newest offsite storage software. In today's insecure world, cables become unplugged, electronics fail daily, disks stop turning, viruses and hackers burden businesses constantly, and regardless of specific backup procedures, electronic records will continue to be discarded and overwritten. Each year businesses loose billions of dollars due to data loss. The factors used to determinerepparttar 135985 viability and business continuity for an organization that has suffered from a significant system or data loss does not rely strictly onrepparttar 135986 ability to replace hardware or rebuild infrastructure. In most cases continued success relies heavily onrepparttar 135987 ability to quickly and successfully recover business critical data. Considering it's one ofrepparttar 135988 key deciding factors in whether your company will remain in business, shouldn't a company be prepared to makerepparttar 135989 needed data protection decisions up front? Indeed, they should, and that is why FocusStor offers a highly secure data back up technology.

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