Computer Security - What Exactly Is It?

Written by Ciontescu Molie

Althoughrepparttar term 'computer security' is used a lot,repparttar 135735 content of a computer is actually vulnerable to only a few risks unlessrepparttar 135736 computer is connected to others on a network. Asrepparttar 135737 use of computer networks (especiallyrepparttar 135738 Internet) has increased dramatically duringrepparttar 135739 past few years,repparttar 135740 term computer security is now used to describe issues referring torepparttar 135741 networked use of computers and their resources.

The major technical areas of computer security are confidentiality, integrity and authentication/availability.

- Confidentiality, also known as secrecy or privacy, means thatrepparttar 135742 information you own cannot be accessed by unauthorized parties. Breaches of confidentiality range fromrepparttar 135743 embarrassing torepparttar 135744 disastrous.

- Integrity means that your information is protected against unauthorized changes that are undetectable to authorized users. The integrity of databases and other resources are usually compromised through hacking.

- Authentication means that an user is who he claims to be.

- Availability means thatrepparttar 135745 resources are accessible by authorized parties. Examples of availability attacks arerepparttar 135746 'denial of service' attacks.

Other important things thatrepparttar 135747 computer security professionals are concerned about are access control and nonrepudiation. Access control refer not only torepparttar 135748 fact that users can only accessrepparttar 135749 resources and services they are entitled to, but also torepparttar 135750 fact that they can't be denied to accessrepparttar 135751 resources they legitimately expect. Nonrepudiation means that a person who sends a message cannot deny he sent it and vice versa.

10 Things to Ponder Before Moving Your Office Network

Written by Gregory Hudson

Movingrepparttar office network? How hard could it be? Anybody who's ever movedrepparttar 135609 office network knowsrepparttar 135610 risks and challenges associated with this colossal task. This mighty endeavour is not merely a case of logging-off, shutting down and pullingrepparttar 135611 plug.

The move requires careful, systematic planning, forethought and a little luck. The following considerations provide valuable guide ropes for hauling serious office technology.

Think ofrepparttar 135612 move asrepparttar 135613 evolutionary-growth to a better network

An office move can providerepparttar 135614 perfect opportunity to re-evaluate your IT systems, introduce new technology and upgrade your equipment.

Considerrepparttar 135615 future of your company andrepparttar 135616 flexibility your network will need as your company expands. Assess your needs and work out exactly what you will need to add to provide for your future growth.

Hire a network specialist to fine tune your systems

Obtaining expert advice helps cut corners, takingrepparttar 135617 guesswork out of what equipment you'll need, design and implementation ofrepparttar 135618 network andrepparttar 135619 difficulties associated with troubleshooting.

“We take great pride in our work. As a reliable, efficient and highly specialised IT company in London, you'll be affordedrepparttar 135620 peace of mind that with us, your computers and network are inrepparttar 135621 hands of professionals” says Andrew Cruise, Managing Director of Hypercubic.

You also get an idea of whatrepparttar 135622 costs will be, includingrepparttar 135623 benefits of on-going maintenance and support. Planningrepparttar 135624 installation process with a professional takesrepparttar 135625 load off your shoulders and many thorns out of your side.

Save on downtime

Installrepparttar 135626 new system overrepparttar 135627 weekend, this way there will be minimal disruption torepparttar 135628 business. Think about how many emails, phone calls and enquiries you will be missing if you move duringrepparttar 135629 week. Ifrepparttar 135630 installation takes longer, inform clients or users in advance so they know what to expect.

One businessman reported, “Before we moved offices, we sent an email to all of our clients informing them aboutrepparttar 135631 move and provided all our clients with contact details. Our manager received valuable business related calls via his mobile phone thanks to this pre-planning”.

Moving valuable, sensitive equipment requires care

Moving several floor-standing servers or a couple of 42u racks may take more than a fat guy with a slipped disk. Depending onrepparttar 135632 size ofrepparttar 135633 server liftingrepparttar 135634 equipment may require hoists, trolleys and ropes.

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