Computer Disposal - Throwing Away Your Computer, Money, and Idenity

Written by Jackson Morgan

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Title ----- Computer Disposal - Throwing Away Your Computer, Money, and Identity?

Computer Disposal and Security ------------------------------------------------------ Computer Disposal - Security is not only important while using your new PC, but when disposing of your legacy or old computer equipment as well. Information can be retrieved in several different ways once your system leaves your house or office. In my state we have a recycling container atrepparttar 143912 solid waste authority which you can bring your old PC’s to. On May 31st, 2005, I decided to do an experiment and see what people actually throw away. So, I took my trusty laptop, an external USB hard drive shell, and waited for my first victim. (All identities have been changed to protect repparttar 143913 newest casualties ofrepparttar 143914 TCAD)

Leaving Your Credit Cards At The Dump -------------------------- John Doe (age – 46)

I explained my reason for being there and asked if he would like to participate. After obliging, I asked him a few question. I got a laugh out of this one.

Jackson – “What would you say your technical skills are?”

John – “I don’t know -bleep-, this is my son’s computer, and he said it was broke”

So I proceeded to take his hard drive out to see what I could find. (And boy did I find stuff) I found 64 word and excel documents containing everything from a book report titled Trusting Human Nature to a detailed spreadsheet titled Our Debt. John said "a year ago, we refinanced our house, and my son helped us put this spreadsheet together of our credit cards and miscellaneous debts". Believe it or not it, actually hadrepparttar 143915 names ofrepparttar 143916 credit cards, account numbers, and amount owed on each one. After I showed John, he asked me to check if his son was surfing on sites he was asked not to go on. I told himrepparttar 143917 system looked clean and his son was following his rules to a T. (You owe me Junior)

Out of 5 PC’s I saw that day, all of them had recoverable files. John Doe’s beingrepparttar 143918 worst withrepparttar 143919 Our Debt spreadsheet.

What should I do? ----------------------------------- There are many applications that can help you format your hard disk drive, but even their lawyers won’t allow them to say its 100% effective.

Finding the right Mac for you.

Written by Stephen Howson

Sorepparttar lure of buying a Mac has finally overcome you and you’re going to takerepparttar 143837 plunge. The only problem is that when you start to look at machines there are to many to choose from. Do you pick new or used / refurbished, Power Mac, iMac, eMac, Mini, G3, G4, G5... argghhh.. Hopefully this article will help you through that decision.

As with all machines, Mac or Intel based… whoops.. non-Mac Intel based, you should get what you need, not what’s “cool” atrepparttar 143838 time. Think about what you want to do withrepparttar 143839 machine, weather you’re going to want to upgrade inrepparttar 143840 future and how much you want to spend. Just because it might be tempting to get dual processor 2.7Ghz PowerMac G5, doesn’t mean you need it.

Here’srepparttar 143841 deal, there are basically three processors you’re going to be dealing with; G3, G4 and G5. All of them will run versions of OSX up to 10.4.1, which isrepparttar 143842 most current atrepparttar 143843 time of this article.

A bit aboutrepparttar 143844 processors:

Inrepparttar 143845 interest of compatibility I would recommend going with a G4 or G5 asrepparttar 143846 G3 is getting aged. However, if you’re just usingrepparttar 143847 machine for email and browsingrepparttar 143848 web, a G3 iMac is a good machine.

The G4 is a 32 bit processor and will allow you speeds up to 1.42Ghz – These machines are more than sufficient forrepparttar 143849 average user. The G5 is a 64 bit processor and will allow you speeds up to 2.7Ghz – These are more for gamers, advanced to power users and developers. This may be overkill if you just want an internet machine, email, word processing, etc…

A little aboutrepparttar 143850 machines:

Mini – Most inexpensive Entry level G4 based machine. Very small and compact and does not come with a keyboard or mouse.

eMac – Most inexpensive All-in-one entry level. This resemblesrepparttar 143851 G3 style iMacs. They resemble a CRT monitor, but containrepparttar 143852 display and machine ‘All-in-One’.

iMacs – These machine are available in G4 or G5 (or G3 listed above). These are mid-priced all-in-one, mid-level machines. The G4 have half circle base and an ‘arm’ with a flat screen monitor attached. The G5 iMac basically looks like a flat screen, but isrepparttar 143853 entire machine. These machines are excellent machines forrepparttar 143854 average user that is not going to want to add internal drives, upgraderepparttar 143855 video card, etc. External drives can be added viarepparttar 143856 USB2 or Firewire ports.

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