Computer Consulting 101 PC Troubleshooting Advice

Written by Joshua Feinberg

While most small businesses really do need to find a good local computer consulting business to take care of their computer problems, there are some computer problems that are simple enough for even a technophobe to handle. At Computer Consulting 101, weíve found thereís one very simple piece of advice that often doesnít get communicated to non-technical small business end users: When in doubt, reboot first.

Seriously, while it may sound tremendously simple, end users often overlook it during typical computer panic attacks.

Anytime youíre about to consider an issue a real IT support problem and call your computer consulting vendor, always reboot first.

First, exit out of whatever files and programs that you're working on. Then, run through a Shutdown and Restart sequence to reboot your computer.

If you suspect your computer problem involves something hardware-related, such as with your network card, modem, mouse, keyboard or sound card, you should even go one step further, before calling your computer consulting experts.

Go to your Start menu. Next, shutdown your PC. Then turnrepparttar power off for a minute or so... if youíre computer didnít power itself off on its own. Then finally power your PC back up again and see ifrepparttar 141308 problem resolved itself on its own. Many times a simple reboot is all it takes.

Computer Consulting and Virtual IT

Written by Joshua Feinberg

Do you own or manage a computer consulting company? Would you like to achieve greater small business success? If so, then get ready to learn why most computer consulting companies get IT (Information Technology) wrong and what you can do about IT.

The Problem: Why Most Computer Consulting Companies Get IT Wrong

Most owners of computer consulting companies make their jobs much harder than need be. Why? Because these computer consulting business owners fall in love withrepparttar technology... and view their small business clients as a distant second priority.

However, if you get this part of "IT" wrong, you will doom your computer consulting company to "clueless geek" status. Itís crucial that you understand one extremely important principle here: Recruiting and retaining small business clients is your #1 computer consulting priority. Keeping up with IT should never get inrepparttar 141307 way ofrepparttar 141308 mission of your computer consulting company.

In other words, donít get seduced byrepparttar 141309 hardware, operating systems or applications. Fall-in-love withrepparttar 141310 business opportunities surrounding how you solve your clientsí biggest business problems with your recommended IT solutions. Thatísrepparttar 141311 real mission of a computer consulting company.

The Solution: Blend Computer Consulting and Virtual IT

To put this all in perspective with your computer consulting company, you need to understand and embracerepparttar 141312 concept of virtual IT.

Virtual IT is what allows your computer consulting company to function as an extension of your small business clientsí companies. Your computer consulting company essentially becomesrepparttar 141313 outsourced IT department for your small business clients.

As owner or manager of a computer consulting company in this role, you will most likely becomerepparttar 141314 de facto CIO (chief information officer), CTO (chief technology officer), or IT manager for your small business clients.

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