Computer-Virus Writer's: A Few Bats In The Belfry?

Written by Dean Phillips

"Male. Obsessed with computers. Lacking a girlfriend. Aged 14 to 34. Capable of creating chaos worldwide."

The above description isrepparttar profile ofrepparttar 118516 average computer-virus writer, according to Jan Hruska,repparttar 118517 chief executive of British-based Sophos PLC,repparttar 118518 world's fourth-largest anti-virus solutions provider.

"They have a chronic lack of girlfriends, are usually socially inadequate and are drawn compulsively to write self- replicating codes. It's a form of digital graffiti to them," Hruska added.

To create and spread cyber infections, virus writers explore known bugs in existing software, or look for vulnerabilities in new versions.

With more and more new OS (operating system) versions, there will be more new forms of viruses, as every single software or OS will carry new features, and new executables that can be carriers ofrepparttar 118519 infection.

Executables are files that launch applications in a computer's operating system, and feature more prominently in new platforms like Microsoft's Windows 2000 and Windows XP than they did inrepparttar 118520 older DOS or Windows 3.1.

Virus writers also share information to create variants of repparttar 118521 same infection, such asrepparttar 118522 Klez worm, which has been amongrepparttar 118523 world's most prolific viruses.

The Klez, a mass-mailing worm that originated in November 2001, propagates via e-mail using a wide variety of messages and destroys files on local and network drives.

Butrepparttar 118524 news gets worse. Recent events have uncovered what may be a new trend: spammers paying virus writers to create worms that plant an open proxy, whichrepparttar 118525 spammer then can use to forward spam automatically. Many suspect this occurred withrepparttar 118526 SoBig virus.

The Sobig worms, began spreading inrepparttar 118527 early part of 2003. The unusual thing about them was they contained an expiration date and were given a short life cycle to see how features worked inrepparttar 118528 wild.

Having an expiration date also makesrepparttar 118529 virus more dangerous, because most people would have been alerted to repparttar 118530 new worm within a few weeks and anti-virus definitions would have been updated.

Selecting a Content Management System

Written by Ric Shreves

There's recently been a lot of discussion and considerable interest in content management systems. Buyers are starting to ask for these solutions from vendors with greater regularity andrepparttar buyers are clearly better informed than inrepparttar 118515 past. Stillrepparttar 118516 issue that comes up again and again is, how do you know which content management system (CMS) is right for you?

Begin with a needs analysis. Define your business goals, prioritise them, and then assess what features or tools are needed to help you reach those goals. At a later point, once pricing research is under way, you can then assessrepparttar 118517 price of features relative torepparttar 118518 priorities ofrepparttar 118519 goals and come up withrepparttar 118520 basis of an intelligible cost-benefit analysis.

Start by examiningrepparttar 118521 nature of your site. Is it a portal? A marketing exercise? An e-commerce site? These questions will setrepparttar 118522 outer boundaries for definingrepparttar 118523 type of system you need. A marketing site will demand far less from a system than a portal. Moreover, security, support, and data integrity issues will be dominant concerns for any firm involved in e-commerce.

Consider not only your short term needs but also your long term goals. Many ofrepparttar 118524 systems that are inrepparttar 118525 market today are modular. This allows yourepparttar 118526 flexibility to start with onlyrepparttar 118527 features you need to meet your short term goals, then to expandrepparttar 118528 system as justification (or necessity) develops.

Accordingly, look atrepparttar 118529 modules offered byrepparttar 118530 vendor and make an assessment of whetherrepparttar 118531 system will suit your planned future expansion. It is foolish to try to build it all at once asrepparttar 118532 cost will be high andrepparttar 118533 time line extended. It is better to start conservatively with a modular system that you can grow into.

When shopping for systems, it is best to approachrepparttar 118534 vendor with a shopping list of features that you require/desire. Mature systems will offer more modules, but make sure you demorepparttar 118535 modules you are interested in, as implementations of similar functionalities tend to vary more than you might expect.

While many systems support basic modules, like membership tracking or online polls and surveys, there are other features which are harder to find and which may narrow your choices significantly if required. Key features you should be aware of include: multi-lingual support, archiving and roll back, and syndication. If your site requires one or more of these more advanced functions, you will findrepparttar 118536 number of choices left for your review has dwindled (and prices have crept up, too).

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