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Super Affiliate Strategies To Boost Your Click Through Rates

Written by Rich Hamilton, Jr

If you are an affiliate I don't need to tell you that it's not easy, especially if your promoting a product or service that is a large program with a lot of affiliates. Every single affiliate in that program is in indirect competition with you, even though it's not your product or service. You have thousands of other affiliates that are promotingrepparttar same product or service, targetingrepparttar 102446 same market, and usingrepparttar 102447 same ads as you. Traditionally a real good associate program would provide you with tested and proven ads to maximize your click throughs. Today you just can't put a link on your web site and userepparttar 102448 ads they provide you. You have thousands of other affiliates out there competing with you usingrepparttar 102449 same ads you are, which makes it even more difficult to make money. At this point you need to ask yourself, why should my visitor buy it from me, when they can buy it from thousands of other affiliates? How can I increase my click throughs to boost my affiliate sales? These are some ofrepparttar 102450 issues we are going to cover in this article. It's bad enough that most affiliates struggle to make their first sale, let alone make a commission every month. But if you want to make real money promoting your associate program you need to work smarter, not harder. If you want people to buy it from you than you need to come up with your own ads, that will give you an advantage overrepparttar 102451 rest of your affiliates. Personal Recommendation A personal recommendation is a very powerful tool and can skyrocket your affiliate click through rates. Writing a personal recommendation for a product or service that you are promoting is a way to tellrepparttar 102452 world that you have evaluatedrepparttar 102453 product's or service's quality and approve it. You should also discuss any experiences that you've had withrepparttar 102454 product or service, people want to hear your testimonial, so give it to them in your own words. I need to warn you though, if you start recommending anything and everything, eventually your personal recommendations will lose face value. Not only that, if you start recommending poor products or services, your recommendation will reflect on your credibility. Just to give you an example, I am very stringent about my recommendations. The only time I recommend a product or service is if I use it everyday or have used it inrepparttar 102455 past. I don't recommend any product or service that I have not been in indirect experience with. Write A Teaser Instead of usingrepparttar 102456 same ads that other affiliates use, be different and get creative by writing a teaser. Writing your own teaser is another way to boost your affiliate click through rate.

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