Competition is Good, Copying is Bad

Written by S. Housley

I've always been ofrepparttar opinion that competition is a good thing. It encourages all of us to be better and make better products. While it might be true that imitation isrepparttar 148973 sincerest form of flattery, copying someone else's work is simply wrong.

We recently came across a competitor using our sales copy. The competitor was using a web graph showingrepparttar 148974 traffic on one of our sites, along with our sales copy to promote their competing application. Digging a little further, I realized that their competing application was, in both form and function, identical to our application. The competing program contained identical screenshots, custom program icons and our help documentation. Whilerepparttar 148975 code ofrepparttar 148976 program was, in fact, different, it was clear that our copyright had been violated.

We are notrepparttar 148977 first company to have our copyright violated and oncerepparttar 148978 initial emotional reaction passed, we took action.

Dealing With Copyright or Trademark Violations:

Who, What and Where Before reacting, it is important to do homework and researchrepparttar 148979 alleged content violator. Arm yourself with information. Determiningrepparttar 148980 who, what and where will guide you in takingrepparttar 148981 appropriate steps.

Determine WHO is violating your copyright Researchrepparttar 148982 website: do a Whois lookup to determinerepparttar 148983 site's owner. The domain owner can be found by enteringrepparttar 148984 domain into and clicking onrepparttar 148985 link that says "Whois Lookup". Ifrepparttar 148986 copyright on software has been violated, checkrepparttar 148987 PAD file forrepparttar 148988 author and release date.

Determine WHERErepparttar 148989 website hosting is located Determine whererepparttar 148990 website is hosted. Web hosts located in progressive countries will be more cooperative in addressing copyright violations. After determiningrepparttar 148991 webhost's location, checkrepparttar 148992 host's Terms of Service (TOS) and Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) to determinerepparttar 148993 level of cooperation you will likely receive. More often than not, a physical address and detailed information on how to report an abuse claim will be found inrepparttar 148994 webhost's terms of service.

Determine exactly WHAT violations have occurred. When determining if a copyright violation has occurred, it is important to go back torepparttar 148995 question of what constitutes a copyright violation.

Copyright is a form of protection provided byrepparttar 148996 laws ofrepparttar 148997 United States (title 17, U.S. Code) torepparttar 148998 authors of “original works of authorship." This work can be literary, dramatic, musical, artistic, or similar intellectual works. Copyright protection is available to both published and unpublished works. It is illegal for anyone to violate any ofrepparttar 148999 rights provided byrepparttar 149000 copyright law torepparttar 149001 owner of copyright. It is important to note that ideas can not be copywritten, and while it may be morally and ethically questionable, cloning a software application is not a copyright violation, yet copying a helpfile is a copyright violation.

Copyright protection exists fromrepparttar 149002 timerepparttar 149003 work is created in fixed form. The copyright inrepparttar 149004 work of authorship immediately becomesrepparttar 149005 property ofrepparttar 149006 author who createdrepparttar 149007 work. Onlyrepparttar 149008 author or those deriving their rights throughrepparttar 149009 author can rightfully claim copyright. Evaluaterepparttar 149010 violator's work to determine if text, graphics or any ofrepparttar 149011 program or website's artistic qualities arerepparttar 149012 same as your creative works. Print hard copies of any documents and save electronic versions of web pages and executables. Capture screenshots of offenses, save documentation orrepparttar 149013 Help file that contains any duplications of text. Enterrepparttar 149014 URL ofrepparttar 149015 offending website into to seerepparttar 149016 website's history and determine a timeline during which violations occurred. Look and feel can be subjective, try to focus on obvious or flagrant violations. Copied text or Help files is obvious when filing a complaint with web hosts or other third parties.

Work Choices For Retirees

Written by C. Mazza

Isabel Moras, senior and co-author of “Income Ideas for Seniors”, announced todayrepparttar release ofrepparttar 148639 second edition of this book. According torepparttar 148640 co-author: “We help and guide seniors with this publication, making retirees feel better about their future”. The book is a guide for seniors and baby-boomers thinking about retirement; this resource suppliesrepparttar 148641 reader with listings and details of a wide variety of paid activities plus inspiring anecdotes from ordinary citizens so those seniors can take advantage of opportunities right away. “Income Ideas for Seniors” is intended to help retirees take steps to feel useful and be rewarded for what they want and can do. “Income Ideas for Seniors” has millions of retired men and women in mind and baby boomers that want to age actively, specially as medical advances allow them to live longer and healthier lives. A senior looking to retire soon said:” I may be looking for a quiet time after I leave my job at 65, but other folks, like my wife, do not want to do so, she is looking to continue with her present employer or explore other possibilities.” To this end, “Income Ideas for Seniors” has a self assessment section to focus seniors on their interests and capabilities.

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