Written by Sheri Bardo

Competition against others is an illusion. Winning is not what brings us deep inner soul satisfaction. Winning is not what makes us a good or bad human being. Beingrepparttar best or first at what you do does not necessarily make you a winner or make you successful.

Inside each of us there is a competition going on that we may not even know exists.

In this life there is only 1 competition that is worth getting involved in and becoming aware of. That isrepparttar 131450 competition between your true self and your ego. Your ego is always trying to overcomerepparttar 131451 true self. The ego needs recognition, praise, to be important to others. The egosí desire for competition with others is a means to prove itself worthy. The ego is affected by others perception of it. The ego feels a need to measure up to others standards.

There is one arena thatrepparttar 131452 ego is not eager to enter however.

Our ego is afraid to go head to head withrepparttar 131453 true self, as it isrepparttar 131454 higher self. Thus,repparttar 131455 ego focuses outward on others. The true self isrepparttar 131456 inner man. The true self isrepparttar 131457 soul and spirit of each of us. The desire ofrepparttar 131458 true self is to know who it is, what its purpose is. The true self wishes to embrace Truth at all costs. The true extraordinary self can be shoved aside byrepparttar 131459 egos desire to shine and not be found out as ordinary. The ego does not know humility and meekness. It is important torepparttar 131460 ego to be thought well of by others. Butrepparttar 131461 ego will always remain just ordinary because it is built on false perceptions ofrepparttar 131462 self.

5 Secrets to Achieving Your Goals with Passion

Written by Julie Jordan Scott

Some faces scrunch up as if to say, "I wish you had not asked that!" Others look contemplative, as if saying, "Oh, I am so grateful you reminded me of that question, now I can take some powerful action!" And then there arerepparttar few who answer with confidence, knowing exactly what they are meant to do by when and how.

What isrepparttar 131449 question?

"What are your goals forrepparttar 131450 next "Insertrepparttar 131451 period of time here."?

Sometimesrepparttar 131452 exact phrase is changed. Some people who may look at "Goals" in different ways. For them,repparttar 131453 question might be, "What is your vision?" or "What is your intention?"

Nonetheless,repparttar 131454 root question isrepparttar 131455 same. "What do you want to grow towards? Where isrepparttar 131456 gap in your life you currently want to fill?"

Until this question is answered, aimlessness is what governs your life.

Forever etched in my mind wasrepparttar 131457 first session with Ray. He told me before we got started that he was trying this out much like he would go torepparttar 131458 parade to seerepparttar 131459 Emperor in his new clothes. He was not convinced there was anything to coaching, but since he was curious, he wanted to work with me as he created his newest product.

Atrepparttar 131460 conclusion ofrepparttar 131461 session, I always give fieldwork assignments, asrepparttar 131462 session itself is what I refer to as "Locker Room Talk". The game is played out onrepparttar 131463 field, andrepparttar 131464 Coach remains onrepparttar 131465 sidelines. Fieldwork is sort of likerepparttar 131466 Play book: it brings to life onrepparttar 131467 field whatrepparttar 131468 Coach has taught inrepparttar 131469 locker room and during practice. It integratesrepparttar 131470 lessons intorepparttar 131471 player's lives.

One ofrepparttar 131472 assignments included continued work to make his vision crystal clear, to takerepparttar 131473 cobwebs away, to get inside them with a microscope so nothing would get inrepparttar 131474 way of creating powerfully.

Ray groaned, as if in pain. "Oh, you have hit one there. I know how goals work. I know writing it down works. I know how important this is. AND I have been ignoring it."

Later that week, I received an email thanking me for pushing him. Inrepparttar 131475 next six weeks he achieved more than he had achieved in inrepparttar 131476 previous six months. And it all started with a discussion of goals followed by taking action on those goals. Step by step by step.

Below is an outline so you may achieve your goals passionately, just as Ray did.

Goal Secret #1-Paint a PICTURE. Don't just write your goals in words, craft your goals so you can see and experiencerepparttar 131477 end result. Paint a glorious, three dimensional multi sensory goal instead of a one dimensional, flat goal. When you can clearly see and experience it, you can more easily create it. One way to make a picture is through creating a dream board. Simply cut out pictures from magazines that illustrate aspects of your goal and make a collage. Hangrepparttar 131478 Dream Board where you can see it frequently. Your picture will quickly and artfully come to reality.

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