Competing with Outsourced Labor through Increased Expertise

Written by Scott Brown

In this job searching tip, we’ll discuss how increasing your level of expertise can help you compete with cheap overseas labor. The whole trend towards outsourcing is scary to people in many industries. Butrepparttar truth is some kinds of outsourcing are more effective than others, and by becoming more familiar withrepparttar 139582 weaknesses ofrepparttar 139583 outsourcing model, you can better position yourself to compete with it.

Outsourcing is most effective with work that many people know how to do. Lots of people know how to prepare tax returns, or could learn fairly quickly. Lots of people have an undergraduate computer science degree and can write a computer program. But outsourcing tends not to be as effective in areas where highly specialized knowledge is required. If you become familiar with a technology or area of expertise whichrepparttar 139584 average person has not studied or worked in, you will become less of a common commodity.

It generally helps ifrepparttar 139585 area of expertise is something new, becauserepparttar 139586 newer it is, usuallyrepparttar 139587 fewer people there are who know it. An example of this would berepparttar 139588 Sarbanes-Oxley legislation forrepparttar 139589 financial industry, which was enacted by Congress as a result ofrepparttar 139590 corporate scandals likerepparttar 139591 Enron collapse. People who are familiar with this and approaches to helping financial institutions cope with its requirements are in high demand right now. Go to a job board and search forrepparttar 139592 highest paying jobs in your profession. You’ll probably notice that many of them require expertise that few people have.

20 Questions That Helped Me Take A Leap Of Faith And Change Careers

Written by Suzanne Beardsmore

When I was working more than 45 hours a week in a job with a two hour commute each day,repparttar challenge of a new husband, new step children, two beagle dogs and maintaining a home was more than a stretch! Something had to give, and unfortunately I wasrepparttar 139562 one starting to not be able to hold it together!

It was a Catch 22 situation. We had an expensive home nearrepparttar 139563 city center with large mortgage costs, which demanded feeding through joint incomes. So we took (what seemed) a gigantic leap of faith and soldrepparttar 139564 house, buying a less expensive one further intorepparttar 139565 suburbs. This house is actually on more land and better than our ‘old’ one. The best thing isrepparttar 139566 upkeep is less,repparttar 139567 house larger andrepparttar 139568 area more pleasant.

The next big leap was for me to get fully involved in our home business, which my husband had been working for six months. At first I couldn’t see how a home business could keep me interested after mergers, acquisitions, share floats and working with some ofrepparttar 139569 largest corporations in our country (andrepparttar 139570 world). This really was a worrying point for me.

However, I soon discovered a home business could contain allrepparttar 139571 excitement, victories and thrills of my previous work, withoutrepparttar 139572 stress, backstabbing and hassles from people. For merepparttar 139573 challenge is interesting and results rewarding. So, to help those who are toying withrepparttar 139574 idea of making a change, rest assured a home business can be a great vehicle for you to gain work life balance and enjoy your family as well as make a good income.

One ofrepparttar 139575 great things about many home businesses, is that you can get them started while you are in your current job and make a full time transition when you and your business is ready. You can take things at your own pace….after all, it’s your business!

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