Competency Based Interviews - 6 Steps to Success!

Written by Martin Haworth

More and more organisations are using a competency based framework for interviewing. Here are 6 steps to help you makerepparttar best impression - and getrepparttar 135529 job!

Competency based interviews are intended to getrepparttar 135530 best from you,repparttar 135531 candidate, whilst also fulfillingrepparttar 135532 needs ofrepparttar 135533 organisation to getrepparttar 135534 very best person forrepparttar 135535 job. There are some easy steps to makerepparttar 135536 most of yourself and have a much better chance of success.

  1. Prepare well, but keep it sensible As long as you knowrepparttar 135537 job you are going for, ask for details of what you will be measured against. Ask for a set of competencies. Ask for a job description. This sets you up to succeed, not just because you are better informed, but also because you have asked - which will impressrepparttar 135538 decision-makers, before you even get there!
  2. Get Creative Here isrepparttar 135539 time to use your own experiences to create 'stories' which you can use inrepparttar 135540 actual interview. These 'stories' are real scenarios that you have been a part of, which over a period of days and weeks beforehand, you write up. Maybe you will have 20+ initial ideas.
  3. Leverage! Takerepparttar 135541 very best scenarios and write them out, bullet points first. Then flesh them out, whilst referring carefully torepparttar 135542 competencies you've been given. It is amazing how you can 'tune-in' your scenario to include many, if not all ofrepparttar 135543 competencies. And if you can't fit them all in, there will be a use for them - later!
  4. Practice By reading through your scenarios (and by now you should not have more than six or seven) you will familiarise yourself withrepparttar 135544 contents, so well, that they will become second nature - even inrepparttar 135545 scary experience of an interview.
  5. Inrepparttar 135546 Interview There are some tactics in here too!

Five Secrets to Becoming the Perfect Employee That Everyone Wants - Part One

Written by Ed Sykes

With ever increasing deadlines, decreasing resources, and changing workplaces, sometimes it can be challenging to be a good employee, much less a perfect employee. The employee who can rise aboverepparttar everyday problems and embrace challenges will berepparttar 135435 person that every employer wants.

The following are five secrets to beingrepparttar 135436 perfect employee everyone wants:

1. Respect. Respect others with whom you work everyday. What is respect? Respect comes in many different forms. The following are just a few examples: * Respect fellow employees as individuals with unique ideas and thoughts that may be different from yours. This diversity of ideas may seem a little different at first, but that is how we produce better solutions. “Group think” often gets you nowhere fast. Embrace diversity of thought so that you are open minded for better solutions. * Respect fellow employees by greeting them inrepparttar 135437 morning. Many times I hear from employees who say that certain co- workers make it unpleasant inrepparttar 135438 office because they seldom say “Good Morning” or “Hello,” don’t smile, and are just plain nasty to fellow co-workers. Takerepparttar 135439 time to give a pleasant greeting to your co-workers even when you may be having a difficult time. You will be known as someone who is pleasant to work with, and guess what; more opportunities will come your way. Also, you can break out of a bad mood and become more productive at work if you are pleasant to others. * Respectrepparttar 135440 work of others. Appreciaterepparttar 135441 time and efforts of co-workers and let them know. You may not agree onrepparttar 135442 final product, but you can respectrepparttar 135443 time and effort put intorepparttar 135444 project. * Respect others by practicingrepparttar 135445 Golden Rule…well sort of. The Golden Rule states “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Well, there are many people, because of their poor self-esteem, who like to be “dumped on” emotionally and physically. If we followrepparttar 135446 Golden Rule, does that mean that these same people should “dump on” their fellow co-workers? Of course not! Treat your co- workers withrepparttar 135447 utmost respect and appreciation they deserve. 2. Knowledge. Knowledge isrepparttar 135448 key. The workplace is constantly changing. Evenrepparttar 135449 look of change is changing. Also, change is happening faster and faster. Just look around you in society, work, and technology. The only way to master change is to gainrepparttar 135450 knowledge to be ahead of change.

Takerepparttar 135451 time to learn not only about your present job, but also about your future job opportunities. This will make you a more valuable employee. Also, take time to learn aboutrepparttar 135452 job that is one level above your present position. When this position becomes available, you will be in a better position to receive a promotion.

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