Compelling Reasons to Create Your Own Product Even If You Promote Affiliate Programs

Written by Angela Wu

Like many people, I first started online by promoting affiliate programs. I didn't have a product of my own, and affiliate programs seemed likerepparttar ideal way to earn an income. Why bother withrepparttar 117539 hassles of creating my own product if I didn't have to?

For many months, life onrepparttar 117540 'net was wonderful. Then one dayrepparttar 117541 bottom dropped out of my income. One ofrepparttar 117542 affiliate programs I was promoting heavily closed up shop -- leaving me with nothing to show for my months of hard work. Withinrepparttar 117543 next few months, another program dropped it's commission rates by 65%, and two more cut their commissions in half.

It took me a few months to recover financially... but in that time, I realized that this dependence on another company was exactly what I *didn't* need. Likerepparttar 117544 other affiliates, I had worked hard to bring customers torepparttar 117545 company -- only to end up in nearlyrepparttar 117546 same position I was in when I first got started.

Don't get me wrong; I was grateful forrepparttar 117547 opportunity to learn how to market online, without having to worry about billing, inventory, shipping, customer service, and everything else a company handles on behalf of its affiliates. And although it was hard work,repparttar 117548 income was great.

However, it just goes to show that affiliates are atrepparttar 117549 mercy ofrepparttar 117550 company. Now, with more experience under my belt, my opinion is that creating a product of your own is a far better way to do business. I still use affiliate programs, of course -- just not as my primary source of income.

The 9-to-5 Home Business Tug of War

Written by Elena Fawkner

The 9-to-5 Home Business Tug of War

2002 Elena Fawkner

Perhapsrepparttar scarcest commodityrepparttar 117538 new home-business owner just starting out has is time. This is particularly so if you are also working a traditional, full-time job and building up your business "onrepparttar 117539 side" in your spare time. So how do you go about burningrepparttar 117540 candle at both ends without burning yourself out inrepparttar 117541 process?

First off, let's think about priorities. Working a full-time job while developing a business requires stamina and endurance if other areas of your life are not to be neglected. This means being fit and healthy. Make time to exercise at least three times a week. Four or five is better. I know how hard it can be to commit an hour to working out when you've got an endless (and I mean ENDLESS!) list of things you need to be doing NOW for your business. But makerepparttar 117542 time. It pays BIG dividends in terms of stamina and endurance.

Second, eat right. Don't just grab a McBurger onrepparttar 117543 way home from work and scoff it down as you're driving. Take repparttar 117544 time to cook a proper meal and relax for a half hour or an hour before getting down to business. This gives you a break and time to unwind fromrepparttar 117545 pressures ofrepparttar 117546 day, making you much more productive when you do get down to work. Eating proper meals will keep you in good health and, coupled with a regular exercise routine, will help keep your energy levels high.

OK, so you're physically in shape and taking care of yourself. The next major thing to think about is time management. Every weekend, beforerepparttar 117547 working week starts, prepare a business plan forrepparttar 117548 coming week. This is nothing more complicated that writing downrepparttar 117549 various business-related activities you must do overrepparttar 117550 course of repparttar 117551 coming week and then scheduling them according to how much time you know you are going to have on a particular day.

By planning out your time this way, you can schedule your business activities alongside your other activities. Take care of as many of them as you can throughrepparttar 117552 course ofrepparttar 117553 day. Whether you are able to do this depends onrepparttar 117554 nature of your 9 to 5 job but if you have even a little autonomy you should be able to squeeze out a little time here and there. Not huge chunks, just 10 minutes here and there.

The nature of your job may mean you don't haverepparttar 117555 luxury of that sort of autonomy. If this is you, then there's nothing for it but to free up time before and after work. This may mean getting up an hour earlier every day, for example.

Whatever your personal situation, by planning ahead you will at least haverepparttar 117556 peace of mind of knowing that time has been allocated to all important business-related tasks. By eliminatingrepparttar 117557 "scatter gun" approach you will find that repparttar 117558 limited time you do have will be much more productive.

There are going to be some activities that you have to do day in, day out. Decide what time ofrepparttar 117559 day is best for you to attend to these routine tasks. The more you can integrate business activities into your daily routinerepparttar 117560 more efficient will be your use of time. Let's take email, for example. Anyone running an online business has to deal with email on a daily basis. I userepparttar 117561 time between when I get up inrepparttar 117562 morning and when I leave forrepparttar 117563 gym for this. It gives me time to wake up before I launch into my day and is a relatively undemanding task that does not require precision concentration.

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