Compassion, Part 1

Written by Rinatta Paries

"Before we can feel compassion for anyone else, we must learn to feel compassion for ourselves." ~Unknown

Webster's Dictionary defines compassion asrepparttar sympathetic consciousness of other's distress. Butrepparttar 101968 first step toward having compassion for others is having compassion for yourself. It isrepparttar 101969 first step toward creating thriving relationships. It isrepparttar 101970 first step toward moving forward and growing your life.

This is because we can never truly give to another if we are empty, if we are tapped out, unnourished. Sure, we can push ourselves to give even then. Butrepparttar 101971 giving won't be genuine. Atrepparttar 101972 same time, giving to others while you are empty makes you feel resentful. This is why it is extremely important to always care for yourself first.

The last time you were sick, did you take care of yourselfrepparttar 101973 way you would a sick child? Did you fix your favorite meal, sleep for hours on end, and take a day or two off from work? Or did you instead push yourself throughrepparttar 101974 discomfort and low energy, allrepparttar 101975 time telling yourself you can't affordrepparttar 101976 time to be sick?

The last time you were sad, did you hug yourself, take a good long time to journal, and call a friend and pour your heart out? Or did you instead continue with your routine, pushing yourself even harder, telling yourself to get over it?

The last time you failed at something, did you look at all you accomplished even inrepparttar 101977 failure, acknowledge your sadness, and come up with a gentle, practical way to do better next time? Or did you instead berate yourself endlessly, telling yourself what you should have done differently and better, resolving to succeed through sheer willpower?

Who is the Smarter Man?"

Written by Fred Renoudet

As I said beforerepparttar secret to success is having a good plan, a lot of determination, and especially patience. In our quest for success, we should always remember our priorities.

Unfortunately, we live in a society where a personís success is measured byrepparttar 101967 size of their billfold, their car and their home. To some people, belonging torepparttar 101968 country club means they "have arrived". To others, where there are multiple country clubs, they canít join just any club they must belong to THE Country Club.

I am reminded of a story that I heard years ago while attending a seminar.

A boat docked in a tiny Mexican village. An American tourist complimentedrepparttar 101969 Mexican fisherman onrepparttar 101970 quality of his fish and asked how long it took him to catch them.

"Not very long - it is a very nice day andrepparttar 101971 fish are plentiful," answeredrepparttar 101972 Mexican.

"But then I donít understand, why didn't you stay out longer and catch more?" askedrepparttar 101973 American.

The Mexican fisherman explained that his small catch was sufficient to meet his needs and those of his family.

The American asked, "But what do you do withrepparttar 101974 rest of your time?"

"I get to sleep as late as I wish, fish a little, play with my children, and take a siesta with my wife. Inrepparttar 101975 evenings, I go intorepparttar 101976 village to be with my friends, have a few drinks, playrepparttar 101977 guitar, and sing a few songs...I have a very full life."

"Hold on a second",repparttar 101978 American interrupted, "I have an MBA from Harvard and I can really help you! You have to have a good plan. You need to stay focused on a target - success. You should start by fishing longer every day. You can then sellrepparttar 101979 extra fish you catch.

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